Ring! Ring!


part five

What a big place.. Anyway, let’s wrap this up!

IBM – This company was big some years ago but now, they have 2 offices in 2 sites left. I mean they used to have offices in Makati but now, their offices are in one city, QC! Oh sorry, they have one in nuvali but want to go there? hehe IBM has a very long history in computing but now they ended up being one of the known BPO offices. Well, I don’t know how they pay but they have good benifits and most of all, once a month payday.. If you can live with that, then go!

HSBC – Another former strong BPO/Call center company. A direct subsidiary of HSBC in the UK.. It has a glorious past. However due to their wrong decisions like the household bank purchase, the housing market collapse and recently, anti money laundering penalty of billions of dollars, a record fine.. Hurt a lot to this let’s say a good bank. Although they still have offices, but the only site working is this QC site. Well, I don’t know if they still hire newbies or others but I still refer this company as they are better than before except for the workload.

UHG – It stands for United Health Group! One of the larget health insurance in the world and of course, USA. Their first site is at Mckinley in Taguig and all of the sudden, they have a site here at QC! They pay great like JP Morgan. But definitely, in exchange of that pay, high stress! I heard it’s not the workload that giving the stress but denying claims for the clients. Just watch the documentary Sicko of Michael Moore and you’ll see why. If you can survive such pain and stress, why not try it here? Fun fact, 6 months is not enough for their training! hehe

Well, other offices located here are as follows, Nokia Networks, Seachange, and a pharma company that I forgot the name. So, there is a lot to choose from and if you are living in commonwealth or QC area, definitely try this place! Great thing about this place, it’s not as crowded like the other sites. It has a balance of low rise buildings and lush gardening. Simple yet it’s growing there..

As for me, if this place was built up years ago, I wouldn’t need to go far looking for work.

I can work near at home!


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