Eye of the Beholder

As I stare this two people, I wonder… How they will go far? I mean, they seems to be having a connection already. I think of more than connection. The lady, despite the young age, I think she is interesting. I’m too old to call it a crush but maybe yeah, she’s interesting. That’s all.. The dude, as we were talking about nonsense earlier seems to be comfortable having his hand being pinched or let’s say having a massage by my lady wave mate. Then they exchange the favor! But how those touches or those laughs together, I don’t think that will be a simple interaction. Something I feel that vibe. Romance perhaps? 

I can’t believe that in my college days, I was also in that state. Having fun with a special lady.. Of course, at first, we did not really have that communication. Thanks to that class directory and her birthday date, I sent her a text greeting her a happy birthday and that went off! Not only that, we both have the same liking, interests and that laid back camaraderie. Actually, she’s one of the boys.. We became close and yeah, that’s it.. It is.. It was.. However, despite the ups and downs we had, we remain close friends and I wonder what she is doing these days? I haven’t seen her for years.. Maybe a couple of years. I don’t know.. But the last time I heard from her, she’s doing great and reaching her dream corporate position. I’m happy for her and I hope she’s doing fine!

And these two souls having these sweet moments together while in class, brings me that feeling. Of course, not in class but after class fun moments.. Just laughing, talking nonsense, advising each other and most of all, billiards and drinking booze! Kidding, simply having a fun time together.

I hope these two ehem, wave mates of mine find each other. Fast! Or I hope they don’t end up like me knowing in a later time that  we’re not for each other.. Well, a piece of advise? Just be happy together, whatever you have now.

As for me, enough of that scene for me and get back to my own lonely station. Thinking… I need to pass this training!

Those lovely days..

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