Crushes: Lea Seydoux

Hmmmm first time I saw her was in a film, a kinda weird french film. Roses in rent as I remembered the title. Despite I really hate the film, I enjoyed the time watching it because the lead actress, was definite an eye catcher! Every scene she in, I swear I just daze my eyes on her. Never missed a moment just looking at her.

At that time, I don’t know her name, no idea.. However as  I grew more curious or let’s say fan of world cinema, and french films are one of the best.. I also know some french stars and luckily, I found her name. Simple french name. But what’s interesting about her is she’s a relative to a french magnate in films! I forgot that dude’s name but I thought why she need to work hard as an actress if she has connections already? I simply answered at the back of my mind, she really love acting. Well, there is one physical feature I don’t like about her.. That eyes, it’s just simple. It’s a typical french or somewhat russian. Anyway, at my first look she looks like Milia Jovovich but bigger so yeah, it’s just because of the eyes.

But it doesn’t mean, she’s out of my top choices. Of course not!! Definitely, wow… One of the beautiful actress now coming from France. It’s like second to Eva Green! Even at the screen she looks tall, even she’s only around 5’6″, but a big lady. Not very thin nor thick figure. Just right hotness.. Haha You can see her as innocent, or no make up or as femme fatale, still very beautiful. I just have a big sigh when I see her.

It doesn’t mean, she only looks beautiful, she can also act.. From Inglorious, MI:3, Midnight in Paris even for a short role and mostly french films. The most notable of all, definitely, if you want to see all about her and acting as well.. Blue is the Warmest Color. That’s it, see the film and feast your senses. hahaha

It shows despite the weird make up and she looks quite ugly there. At the end, I did not care, she shown talent and indeed, looking forward for her future flicks. Especially the upcoming James Bond film! Daniel Craig holds the bond record for the luckiest bond ever when it comes to leading ladies. hehe

Anyway, I hope for Lea, improve her english so she can be like Eva who can not only be cast in french films but also US or UK films. Maybe, stay away for those art films for a while so the audience can focus on the talent not on the, ehem, her body.. So, there…

Damn her best look? Emma! Her hair with the blue color fits her..


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