32 Realizations

I kinda missed this. =)

1. Still can’t believe I’m this old.

2. Kahit sira na kisame and other stuff, great thing, I’m still here. hehe

3. I really can’t leave writing behind. Even I thought to forget or remove whatever, I can’t. haha

4. I can feel the age as may times na nakakalimot at ang pagiging pasensyoso eh nababawasan.

5. I am really single, not single with somebody to take care of.

6. I won’t be peaceful if I did that crazy thing years ago. hahaha Mabuti nga yun ganito. Tahimik, may mga problema, pero manageable or just survive. What a relief..

7. I have that planning way back before, I should have avoided some mistakes. Sadly, it happened. I know I may regret or bitter.. But well, then just start right na lang.

8. Di na ko kumukuha ng mga sounds ko ha.. Parang di na ko nagreresearch about sa sounds ko, nakuha ko na ata. Not really into the new music these days.
Indeed! Lipas na talaga. haha

9. It’s fun to do your own laundry. =)

10. It’s an excercise to do chores, lalo na paglilinis!

11. If there is a promo, talagang naparticipate ako. Siyempre, sayang ang libre. hahaha

12. Only Rheg made me this think, I’m competitive. hehe

13. I still don’t know how to ride a freaking bike. =(

14. Sana nagdridrive na ko pero wala naman kotse. Ok lang. No worries. Soon. Magaaral pa ko magdrive. hehe

15. Dahil sa pagtanda at priorities, the last computer game na magserious ako eh DOTA 1 or 2. Pero di ko mamemorize lahat ng characters. hahaha

16. I had big and crazy dreams, pero di naman nararating. Now, I only have 2 simple dreams to start with to reach the bigger ones. Secret! =)

17. Actually may ibang dreams ako pero I translated to goals na lang since, ehem gagawin na po. hehe Secret..

18. Talagang mahina ko kumain at mukhang sa pagtanda mas hihina pa. It’s good news I guess.

19. Despite I read other blogs, I read more other websites with content or news. Not bad. For inspiration purposes.

20. I hope I read this way earlier in my life. Tamang tama lalo na it happened these past 3-4 years.. http://www.businessinsider.com/why-seeking-less-not-more-is-the-key-to-a-fulfilling-life-2015-4

21. I already forgot the taste of alcohol. Yes..

22. I’m someone who is slow to understand but fast to learn. Weird!

23. I always stay calm even the odds or I feel anxious. Look calm is the better description. I don’t know..

24. I should keep reading books a lot, kaya invest na din. Hehe It helps my style. And learning na din at the same time.

25. Despite all the circumstances, I love my family and friends.. simple as that. Thank God for them. hahaha

26. Jesus indeed is the way, the truth and the life. Even in times, I was so away.. He always make a way to lead me back to him. I just love this dude. =)

27. My real close friends greet me at the right day of my birthday, well pwede pa hanggang 12. hahaha Lagi naman ganun eh..

28. Nihon no tame no watashi no ai sainen.

29. This is the time to do the right things before it’s too late.
30. A lot of things I learned along the way, pero I still love school. Going to school. hehe

31. I’m now feeling the ill effects of being left out single while others are now enjoying their new married lives. hahahahaha

32. Nice guys finish dead last!


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