Yabu v Katsu Sora

I’m quite privileged that I’ve tried eating in these restaurants. Tried their specialty which is of course, japanese pork cutlet, Tonkatsu sets. What’s for sure, those are the times I really felt full after eating their respective sets.

I tried first Katsu Sora at Trinoma branch. They open at 11am onwards and definitely, go early as they offer eat all you can salads and rice. I ordered the Sakura set they called, their cheapest pork style of tonkatsu. It includes of course, the pork set and unlimited rice and salads with fruits as well.
I can say, the tonkatsu is really great, it melts in my mouth! That’s how great it is. I can’t imagine the taste of their expensive selections of tonkatsu. I also love their salad selections, from potato salad, fresh ones and chicken as well! It’s so great that I was not able to taste the other salads. I think, I ate more salads than the rice and tonkatsu meal. I’m so full that I end up not finishing the tonkatsu and giving it to Gerro at home. 600 plus pesos meal is well spent.. Indeed.

After watching that hell of a ride Mad Max: Fury Road, I decided to enjoy at least with these free days… My best friend Rheg recommend to eat at this resto, which I did not have time or even money to try. hehe This is the right time to do it.

Due to watching a lot of japanese these days, I want to try curry. I ordered for the Japanese Curry Tonkatsu set! Of course, I tried once before at the other resto but it’s not has that many meat. Then, they taught me how to well, make the tonkatsu sauce. Free tutorial plus explanation of their set. Great service! Then, I’ve waited for quite some time and here it was.. The tonkatsu curry set looks big! I mean, that serving I feel I can’t finish them all right away! Then the cabbage plus the miso soup as well. By the way, the soup, cabbage and some fruits and pickles, unlimited! Of course, I tried the soup first then the organic cabbage with that delicious Japanese Mayo, I’m happy. Then after some servings, I went to the main dish.. I must say, that’s a great japanese curry, and the rice is so damn great. I wish I have that kind of rice at home.

After that serving, I focused of eating more of the cabbage and soup and the fruits and I’m just enjoying eating. I can’t imagine, I’ll eat a lot of those then  the tonkatsu curry is so delicious, I ordered another rice filling. I also ended up not really finishing the katsu and gave to Gerro at home.
For short, those two restaurants gave me indeed a happy and fulling experience!

The simple question is; who is better? I know with my experience stated above might give a difficult answer. For me, it’s easy to pick one because of the overall experience I had.

Katsu Sora was great, I mean they have that pork melts in your mouth and those Salads are still damn great! Almost taste my mom’s well, known salad but not that same type. However, two things kinda let down on me for them. First was self service, it’s hard to do that especially if you are alone eating. My bad that I should have sit beside in that buffet instead. Another thing, service is just good, not great as Yabu really have time to discuss how the sauce works and the eat all you can thing. Here, they discussed the sauce when I’m almost done. The other thing bothered me was the price. 600 pesos with service charge, for me was a bit steep. I need to do a lot than they did, which serve water and just looking at the people. If they add the service charge, then better serve the salad to the customers instead. Great thing they have better taste of tonkatsu and salad, if not, they are just out of their minds. But definitely, some time in the future, I’ll come back for those other salads/fruits that I haven’t tried.

The answer is here. Yabu! I mean, I spent 550 bucks, remember, with the set, and iced tea with service charge! Despite well, the katsu is slight lower than Katsu sora when it comes to taste, but still it tastes great, the service is fantastic. I’m also lucky that I sat right beside the condiments and waiters section. They have time to tell the sauce, explain the menu and the eat all you can. Even Katsu Sora has better salads, I’m quite happy with the cabbage and fruits. Next time, I should order the set with their house salads than the refillable iced tea. hehe

Service is just made my stay great as they are approachable and helpful. I don’t mind asked 3 times for more rice and stuff. =) If I did not order that ice tea, 450 is really like the others say, bang for buck!

It doesn’t mean Katsu Sora is bad, they just need to really change that system and they will be better than Yabu. For Yabu, well, I hope they offer that salad in a more resonable one or include in the set itself. But other things, just stay what they do and they are good.

Thinking about these 2 restaurants makes me hungry again for Tonkatsu! Hai!


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