Ring! Ring!


part three

The next part in QC I want to discuss, is the kinda new built around 5 years ago, cool name as well.. UP Technohub! UP owns the land but with a collaboration with Ayalaland, they set up this land for BPO offices and at the same time, kinda research or development center with UP. Until now, I haven’t see that part really.
Anyway, let’s start going around into this place and see which centers are here.
At the middle, it’s like a commercial center which it has restaurants and some stores all over it. Mostly restaurants but suprisingly it has timezone, CDR king and of course, BPI. I forgot, they have Globe Store and Power Mac if I’m correct.. If its not there, I’m sorry. hehe
The food restaurants located here are not bad really! KFC, Yellow Cab, Mister Kabab and many more. At night, this spot has a high vehicle traffic because cars are here because it’s the only way I guess they can go around. It’s great here because my favorite convenient stores are here, Family Mart and Mini Stop!
Not bad for an appetizer..
PointWest – Interesting office, it has a branch in citibank tower in Ayala. As the website says, it is a local IT firm which caters global clients through IT services. I tried their prelimary exam and I can say, I should really study word problems way back high school. Geez.. That is my weakness and I failed that pest, sorry test. But at my brief stay there, wow.. Cool IT office, spacious desk, flexi time and most of all, IT stuff! I hope I could improve my word math problems skills so I can try my witts again in this firm. I don’t know how much they earn though.
Manulife – A leading global insurance company. It shows in the name right? hehe Don’t be confused the Manulife in Ayala Ave.. That is their local office, I mean it caters the local customers. This one in UP is for inhouse outsource functions and what I heard, they mostly cater US LOBs. It means, their workshift is at night. I’m not sure if their compensation package became higher coz when I applied before, it’s quite small. It’s like working in EPLDT again and no increase whatsoever. I’m not sure if they still pay that much today but one thing is for sure, their test is fun to answer.
For now, let’s breathe and stop for a while at this part of Technohub.
Don’t worry, this site is enormous! hehe

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