classics: Mad Max: Fury Road

12 hours later, after watching this flick, I realize, it’s a reboot! I’ll explain below. It’s over, this is the film of the year! haha Well, I know there are still great films to show this year, not to mentioned Star Wars (not a fan anymore).  

A little introduction, if you are indeed a movie fan, especially if you start watching films at the 80’s… There was a trilogy you shouldn’t miss, at least the 2 films or at least the one film, the Mad Max trilogy! First was Mad Max, second was the Road Warrior (one of the best action flicks) and then the longest title in the series, Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdrome.. I just don’t like that one. My oldest brother really likes until this day. Geez..

Well, for those who missed those films, after watching this new film, I advise, forget the first trilogy, you can watch that later! Or if you are tired watching those films, just watch Road Warrior.

If I’m going to do a full study about this film compare to the first trilogy, it will be a long post. I don’t want to that, especially at this present state of mine. However, I’ll make this short as possible. But definitely, an instant classic!
I ranked this film already at my top 10 best action flicks lists. I haven’t fixed that list for now but I’ll do it in the future once I watched all the films I could muster.  Action flicks of course.. Let’s say, if Road Warrior was like number 4, Fury Road is number 5. I can’t separate them. hehe

There are only two reasons why I put Road Warrior better than Fury Road and mind you, it’s not about the technical aspect. First of all, yes, despite the title and Tom Hardy is Max, well, he is not lead of the film. Of course, he did a great part for the film but his story was abrupt and Furiosa’s plot kicks in until the end. It’s not really a bad thing, actually it’s a great thing that George Miller did, but when Max said his prelude, you are exited to see him what the hell is he doing. But, well, let’s wait for the sequel.

Second factor which is the deal breaker, Mel Gibson as Max. I mean, when you watch Road Warrior, despite Max is only helping or the supporting character, his presence and his actions were the driving force of the story. Don’t forget the great acting despite, few dialogues for him. He also showed that depth in his emotions in the film. There were the reasons I put this film better than Fury Road.

Everything else, well, even the technical side are going to this film. Fantastic! First thing I loved is the cinematography used. I mean, despite it’s apocalyptic theme, I mean it lookg gorgeous and there are some scenes just I want to stare, like the first scene. It also helped showing the every detail of the film, from their home base, then the wide shots of the desert and car chases, even the cliffs and mountains.. Astonishing shots indeed! How about that storm scene? Despite it has CGI effects, wow, it is breath taking! I don’t how in IMAX looks like.

Second, the cast! Charlize Theron never fails to suprise me. I mean in that film million ways to die in the west, she has comedic chops and she made Mad Max at the same time, turn into an action heroine! Wow, I mean Furiosa’s character is simple actually. While I was watching, I am thinking other promising actresses can do that but when it comes to action fight scenes with deep emotion acting, few can do that and Charlize is really fit for this character. Physically and emotional aspect. Tom Hardy being Max is a great fit. Even not better on what Mel did, I mean it’s because of the plot went… Despite being Bane at least for 15 mins, he is perfect for Max. He is shown as one Mad or crazy and at the same time, the stunts he did are insane and great. At last, there is a Tom Hardy film that showcases his physical prowess and at the same time, acting ability. I already saw some of his films and when it comes to acting, he delivers. Then the rest of the cast which mostly Australian, also delivers especially the Immortan Joe and the old ladies backup at the end. Don’t forget the wives and even the odd looking henchmen. How about unrecognizable Nicholas Hoult? Wow, what a lovely performance! hehe Even, he met a sad end.

Third, sounds are top notch! Not only a visual treat but also the sound theme and the crashes and effects are just perfect cue! I’m in the edge of my seat because of the sounds and OST used. Don’t forget the guitarist with flame thrower and the drum machine team. hehe Junkie XL indeed, I must say he can be like Trett Reznor. But we’ll see if he can still do that in other types of films. Great DJ, I mean most DJ’s now doing these music themes from Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and others.. Great development!

Fourth and most importantly, the insane, crazy, shocking action scenes put in film! Over the top car chases which indeed surpassed the Road Warrior. Evidence? The first chase scene, I mean that alone is way better than the Road Warrior and it doesn’t include yet Max! That’s how great this film is. I haven’t even discussed the rest of the action scenes. Wow.. Even that night scene, it has that suspense factor and that tough ending. I mean I want to see how Max defeated that car but well, cut short. I hope it shows in home release. Great job by George Miller who, made a great effort of using more practical effects and very minimal CGI. The 150 million budget is damn well spent. I hope he’ll definitely finish the remaining two films, all the fans are waiting to have his done. Give credit to the costume designer of the film. I mean, great looking, neat and scary! hehe I love that white war boy theme and of course, reimagined Max.

So, let’s go to say why it’s Mad Max. It has all the recipes as being Mad Max. Well, at least at this Mad Max, you can say he is Mad. Seeing visions of people and his grown old daughter?! Yes, unlike in the original Mad Max, he has a kid and wife killed. Not a somewhat teenage daughter. Always running from bandits in his interceptor and every relying saw off shotgun. The dog is gone. How it became a reboot?

First, I already said the child thing. Second, it’s not only gas that is running out, also water and there is already a Warlord or self proclaim God, which is Joe. Second, the looks of the people, it looks like there was a nuclear war or radiation.. Many deformaties and scary looks. Although Max still walks fast in one leg and still not sociable. Damn, when we will see a Mad Max film that he did use that shotgun. In this film, he already used the other guns, even that flare gun but not the shotgun and ended up broke! I hope in the next film, he can use one to blast off one head! hehe

Of course, his trademark interceptor! In all films, ah sorry, except for the first one which it did not end up in wreck. This film, it was not only wrecked but also exploded. Sorry for the spoiler! But I hope in the next film, we can see Max raming or racing his interceptor against those bad dudes. I don’t know how to drive but it’s just that interceptor has that aura. Darn, blame that Road Warrior shown in my early years..

Well, the next one I’ll wait is Spectre, the new James Bond film. The other flicks even Star Wars, no thanks. I’ll just wait this film in Blu Ray release.. Can’t wait to see this in full glory! It made Fast and Furious films hmmmm for kids?

But great thing for George to reboot the story in more scary and interesting wasteland scenario.. Kudos to him.

By the way, if Mel Gibson did this in 2003, I mean if George indeed push this through way back then, witht he same set up of this film. That I can say, the best action film of all time. Epic indeed. But we have this, better than never.. Damn, I should have watched this in IMAX!

“…. it is hard to know who is more crazy, me or everyone else..”


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