Fast and Furious 7

Absurd right? I never thought that after watching that first film in my college years, there will be 7 films about cars and dudes working in and out law who loves it. 

Anyway, I still watched it. I can say that this is a bit better than the action packed previous one. Simply as that.

Let’s check the negatives first about the movie! First, I did not l ike the last action sequence. Sorry for the spoilers, I mean why with all that ruckus, no army or military came right away for rescue? Cops can’t do that alone. Geez. Absurd premise indeed, for now, I just don’t like the drone aspect used in films. Even in these new films. Drones are dangerous, and I just don’t like the aspect of it for now.

They also, used heavily to special effects. Despite it’s not obvious at most of the film, or even with Paul’s double, I felt unnatural even at those car chases. Even that bus stunt, I just felt it has more special/visual effects. Another thing, I also did not like well, short scenes of the Rock and Jason Statham. What worse, Jason did not die! I still feel, the brothers will be back at the last 3 films. Crap. hehe

Well, the great parts, one is the insane car halo drop scene. I mean, that tops the tank scene. hahaha I can’t believe how they looked real but definitely that is fine with me. And that Dubai sequence, on the top crazy!!! I don’t like that supercar though. But I love that sequence, the scene shows bugatti. I also, love the cast, well except for the short cameo of the fast 3 members. But the cast just made perfect for this film, even with the short time of the Rock and Stat. I just hope that they had more action fights than car chases or balance perhaps. Tony Jaa’s appearance kinda short. hahaha

Another thing, Paul Walker’s memoir is great. I mean they did not kill his character off then that last scene was really a great send off to him. I don’t know what will happen at the next films without him but I know they are able to think about it.

I also love how they able to mask Paul disappearance in some scenes. I don’t know which one scene is that anyway. But great job, so those things made this one better than last one. But I’m looking forward to the next and last 3 films if that’s the case.

Their lives are like racing in a quarter mile, isn’t it? I hope they see the finish line with 10 films.


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