Avengers: Age of Ultron

After watching for 2 and a half hours, the first thing I felt, it’s kinda mixed feelings! It’s great and worse. But not like when you watched transformers movies these years. It’s great because of the visual spectacle I saw including the heroes really come alive again. Thor, Iron Man, Cap America, Hulk and the 2 nuisance heroes of Black Widow and Hawkeye. I called them nuisance maybe due to the lack of superhero ability. Then the twins of course, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver (Avengers mode not Xmen mode), welcome additions of course and necessary. Don’t forget Ultron and the surprise late addition of Vision!

The great things happened in this film were as follows.. First, besides of the cool looking heroes, how about the great action sequences in this sequel! I love the sequences which the heroes teaming their powers, like Cap and Thor move! Great team move.. Then Black Widow picking up things and just running and talking plus taming the Hulk. I forgot the other team ups. Sorry. hehe Anyway, the best scene and really stands out even I hoped it was for the great final battle, Hulk versus Iron Man in a hulkbuster suit. That’s the reason it was called hulkbuster suit. That scene made me breathless and at the same time, just gave me a smile at the end. I wonder how much they funded that scene.

Another great factor, give credit to Joss Whedon for making this film awesome despite I felt it was made in a rushed pace. I mean with the Marvel set the release date and sorts, he still made this film in a grand way putting all the stuff and still looks great even with some flaws. I commend how the pace he set in this film, no dull moments, and how the interaction of the characters made sense. Despite the action sequences were not that fantastic, he showed it in detail every second until it finishes. For short, its not dizzy despite a lot of CGI, like transformers or the recent Furious 7. CGI effects were polished and not you can say rushed. Give also credit for Joss that he gave up directing this film. It’s not I hate or did not like what he did for the 2 avengers flicks, but it’s just the pressure and expectations for the next Avengers will be so high that I want to get out of it, if I’m Joss. Geez, take a break and give it to somebody else. Besides, he admits, this film really drained him out. It’s also great opportunity for the new directors to think and at the same time, well… Make every preparation successful until the infinity war starts. Great job by Joss! Thanks for making Avengers in the right way.

Lastly, don’t forget the actors assembled for this film. Great to see Robert Downey, then Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett doing this despite being pregnant, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo and a lot more. James Spader did really a great job of being Ultron, great voice for the character. Notable actors, Andy Serkis as that dealer of vibranium if I got it right.. The twins of course, Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. From being a couple in Godzilla to siblings in Avengers, I feel, they are more fit as a couple. hehe They have that chemistry! Well, it’s not what they did in Avengers was bad, but just a side note. They are better as a couple in films. That being said, almost all of them fit in their respective roles except maybe for the Korean doctor. She looks great and acted but it just well, they are other actresses can do that or can stand out. Still, great casting choice.

I admit that this film fell short of my expectations, and the first big flaw was the screenplay for this movie, it was rushed. First scenes came in then shown right away that they were raiding the hydra base. Geez, what a good start without a little explanation how they assembled again and discovered that base! That was fast!

I do understand that Joss and his team needs to really change the story from the comic books for this film. Even I’m more interested for that plot, it’s Ant Man’s fault! If Ant Man was shown early, then this won’t happen. Despite all that, Ultron was made through the smart moves by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. At that point, I can accept that, but when Ultron starts moving and developing, until reaches became Ultron, wow.. He just showed up and says I’m Mr. Smith and humans were virus and destroy them all. Wow, that was fast.. Despite Ultron looks great and kinda overacting because he moves like an android not a robot, that came so fast.  He was scary and menacing but no other qualities shown in this film. That comes when he was killed that easily. hehe Good job.

Another thing, I hope instead of asteroid finishing the earth, how about finishing the Avengers instead, one by one. That is more cool that the usual asteroid or bomb destruction strategy. That’s one of the reasons why the first really works well as Loki has a great plan and really made the Avengers give their all. In this one, I just got felt Ultron has a simple strategy and felt that final battle was a let down. Just save the people, stop Ultron and that’s it. That was also rushed.

The dialogue as well was not that expansive or fun. Although it was darker than the first one, it doesn’t mean, from start to finish, it should have a dark tone. It can be darker in terms of what happened in this film, not removing the fun dialogue. I felt that in this film, it has the less fun than the first. Take a great example of Kingsmen, it has fun moments but really has also dark moments.
Well, despite those flaws, I still love the film, just a shade below of the first one and yes, I love how Vision entered to the team, and looking forward more of him in the next films. Well, he is important anyway. hehe At last, after 5 films, we can see Paul Bettany. haha Great actor anyway.

Great thing, I watched this for free,  so thanks for the eplus card. After many flicks I watched using that card, a great time to use the free movie pass!

Marvel, after this film, will have tougher challenges ahead. I feel, like my older brother’s sense, that Ant Man will fail. I just don’t feel something good at the film. I’ll wait for the critics to see it first. Then, civil war comes next year which made to stop batman versus superman. I want to watch both films, no doubt, but I doubt if Civil War made for it’s own way or just to neutralize Batman versus Superman. I hope, they just do it in a great way not for competing that other film.

Great thing, they were able to deal with the Spiderman thing. However, that’s not enough really to have a great build up for Infinity War. That won’t entice me to watch Infinity War as most of the characters are not there. Namely, X-Men and Fantastic Four, which I know that’s a small number but they are important in the war. They still have time to get the rights issue fixed but as long it’s not possible, Infinity War will bomb big time. I hope Marvel thought of that before showing Thanos and the infinity gems. Geez, Marvel can just offer big money to Fox to allow the other characters they hold showing in that big war.

If they are able to pull this off, then that’s the best comic book adaptation film of all time.

I won’t be suprised if DC is more prepared than Marvel when it comes of doing the big heroes war set up.

Sorry for the long review, I haven’t write for a long time. =)
Sorry Avengers, I still put Kingsmen on top quality wise, until there is a mad man coming..


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