What if

(New Order Concert in Manila!)

Morrissey already played here. Hmmmm even the pathetic ones such as 1D and boybands, pop stars or even Taylor Swift and later, Katy Perry again for the nth time. When I’m looking at the posters of concerts and even music festivals, most of them, I don’t know who the hell are they. I don’t know even how they became famous. I admit I should have watch Metric last year! Ergh.. Darn.. Ah, I did not really dreamt going to RHCP concert..

It’s hard to imagine, we can bring from the most famous of stars, and even not really famous ones or even the one hit wonder artists.. Or how about the indie ones and up and coming acts whatever. Well, don’t count out those KPOP crap. How about Rick Astley? Hahaha My sister was like, her life was complete seeing that retired dude here performing, even forgetting his own lyrics.

Well, I could let them pass, but honestly one band that I won’t pass. Even in my lifetime.. Never! I believe Kuya Dong also waiting for this band in his lifetime and many of their legion of fans or die-hard fans… New Order should really perform here!

What if they made a surprise announcement tomorrow that one of their stops will be here, one night only? I don’t need to think about twice. I don’t know how much will that concert ticket be, but definitely, I’ll buy one! Hahaha If I could go to VIP, why not!  I don’t know if we will make a big streamer to let them sing our favorites songs, such one I saw in a concert done for Ceremony.

Running in my mind or maybe dreaming, seeing Stephen on drums, Gillian at keyboard and yes, guitars! Lovely couple indeed! Barney in vocals, and sometimes but I hope he’ll pass the guitars. Hooky on bass which it depends if their rift ends. If not, I’ll be fine who will be their bass player is but it will be sad for sure! I don’t care if it will be played in Araneta, MOA or PICC, or even in open fields or in far away in Manila.. As long, they will play here, I’m there!

Sorry, we are there! Hehe Oh yes, even they play in Clark like what RHCP did, no problem. We’ll camp if we needed to. Hahaha Here is the biggest question, what will be their playset? Playlist? Will they go from new ones or recent songs then going to old ones? Will they play some Joy Divison songs?!

If I will be asked what will make this concert worth it for me, what I want to hear in live? Ok, cut the crap! Hahaha

Joy Division songs!
-Love will tear us apart
-Dead Souls

I wish I could ask for more but that’s enough for JD, other songs I could think of is better sang by Ian if well, he’s here.

Now for New Order!
-The Power, Corruption and Lies album, all songs! Please!
-Blue Monday
-Face up!
-Bizarre love triangle

The set will complete me! Actually, if they only sing Power, Corruption and Lies album and the rest are their choice, it’s fine with me. I don’t know with others. Hahaha

I watched of course their concerts in video, and all I can say despite they don’t really do encore and they have shorter sets.. All I can say they sound great at live. You can feel the great vocals of Barney except of his well guitar playing. The magnificent bass of Hooky that defines a new order song or yes, JD songs. How about the other two? Clever synths by Gillian and yes, the ultimate drum machine played by Stephen. I mean he’s my favorite drummer, the only drummer who can play from punk, pop, rock and every single genre. Hahaha Of course, my favorite bass player is Hooky.

Wow, what a band. I can’t believe that only or very few bands going into 2 totally different genres and still became great. From dark and moody but deep sounds of Joy Division transforming to a fun, yet electric sounds of New Order. I can’t believe that I know others love New Order than JD but for me, it’s the opposite. I just wish Ian is still here. I’ll explain it in a different blog about this part. But with New Order, it did give me some Joy. Ironic isn’t? Still they are my favorite band. JD/NO..

For now, well I hope promoters or some of them are fans of New Order so instead bringing c*nts,  and tw*ts that masquerade as artists.

How about bringing the real legends here. The ones who created a total New Order in music! I don’t care bloody waiting, even maybe I’m old as well.

If this did not happen here, it’s time to go elsewhere just to see them. I don’t mind doing that in the future especially if I’m well enough. Indeed..

“And I’ve never seen anyone quite like you before
No, I’ve never met anyone quite like you before
Bolts from above hurt the people down below
People in this world, we have no place to go
Oh, it’s the last time”


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