Ring! Ring!


Part Two

Well, after going to very far view, nope it’s Fairview.. Let’s go to somewhere near, not so far or so close. New place! 

Some years ago, actually around 2-3 years ago, buildings sprouting near Quezon Ave. MRT station. Well, it ended as it was built by ETON properties. Lucio Tan’s real estate cash cow business. Anyway, what surprised me was I thought condo will be built but it’s all short buildings. There is a park, then small mall with SM Hypermart. 

Food restaurants, and stalls which my brother had a stall. Then now, the buildings are BPO buildings. Surprisingly. Let’s start! It’s only a few offices but many come to this place.

Wipro – They have a very small office but I’m surprised that they are one of the biggest BPO in the world. I don’t know what accounts they have, but they are still there. They did not get big. I don’t know why.

HP – Yes, the newest center they have. I think they occupy a lot of floors in a building. However, no clue what they are doing there. I can guess services to other companies such as consulting and tech services for HP. I don’t think they are serving consumer section like in Mckinley. Well, they have SAP Hana so I feel they do a lot of SAP work. I tried to apply but what a long process online recruitment they have. Besides, I don’t like going here anyway. hehe

Bodog -I’m not sure if they are still running. Well the reason I said that is FBI searched this company’s boss. Their case is quite scary. Heavy serious case. It involves illegal activities and money laundering. I remember this as they have enticing classified ads but they have strict qualifications. I don’t speak Chinese! hahaha They are into gambling.

GENPACT – Yup, the Alabang office has a branch and it is situated here at QC. Their account here I think focus more in collections. Local and international accounts perhaps. They claim as or was a GE subsidiary or former GE company. I know it’s confusing but it seems they pay good but not sure if it’s great. I think you can easily pass as long you have experience.

EGS – formerly APAC/NCO-RMH company merger. I mean they were separate but after they stroke the deal and became EGS. I’m surprised this one was kinda big. They have sites from QC, Alabang, and Cubao. Oh, I don’t know if the one in 
SM Sta Mesa still works. The one in ABS CBN transferred in ETON. I only know 2 accounts running here, in Alabang there is health insurance. In QC, Amazon account. Quite chaotic according to one person I know working here. hehe Anyway, not sure if they pay good but free lunch is not bad right?  Not sure though if its there.

CVG – Yes, the largest center has even one center here at ETON and the most surprising at all, they displayed the Telstra sign at their building which not existent in other Telstra service providers like 24/7, and Teletech or Teleperformance. I’m not sure why they do that but definitely, maybe they have the highest satisfaction from Telstra. Of course, since it’s telstra, they have dayshift and as a former Telstra service provider… Just stay away from them. 

Hmmmm I don’t think I missed some companies, maybe BMW. hehe But as I know, they are the BPO offices currently there. I know they  have a small number but they have many employees there. These centers are well known as well. For me, the location is fine, I mean just one jeep ride from my house but be careful at night. There are many places to go there, just ride one bus or MRT going to SM/Trinoma. The location is ok because it’s easy to find. Traffic was worse before but it was fixed due to the uturn slot below the flyover. 

However, if you still don’t like working at these offices or you feel options are still limited.. Don’t worry..

We haven’t yet go to the other best and convenient places. =)


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