What a way to start February.. hehe Hay, more stress outside work. Medyo nakukuha ko na ang rhythm in my work. Can’t believe, well I’ll tell later. Basta, so much idle time.
It’s a shock to me that kung tuloy na eh,  sira na naman ang plans. More radical change this time than last year. For this month, marelieve na ko in some things, at yes, tapos na ang mga weddings. 

Mukhang last minute pa ko makakabili ng damit. Hahaha Still broke for this time, pero pagdating ng next week, start na ng normal financial flow. At least. What really struck me, eh imbes next year, mukhang mapapaaga pa. Nerve wracking crap. Hahaha

I’ll think about that later. What else to do this month, habol sa posting lang. Not writing, although I missed posting last month pero complete naman, natagalan lang ng balik ng net. Siguro this month, a lot of thinking, asking as well. Reading and deciding. Honestly, I don’t want to do it yet, but it may leave me no choice.

Month of love as it is, but I’m not doing anything. It’s just a regular month for me. Di naman sa bitter pero yun lang talaga. I have no qualms about that. Kahit medyo tagilid ang start ng month ko eh akalain mo may buenas pa ko. Hahaha I’m surprised and looking forward to it, I still can’t believe na through writing, I can do something for the company. I still can’t believe it.. Honestly why I’m selected. Medyo basa basa na nga ko ng steps at nagiisip na maiisulat kasi sa topic. Hahaha

Yun lang muna, I don’t want to spill it out at the beginning.

Let’s spill  it out at the end. Some =)


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