Before I go to work, actually dapat this weekend.. I just can’t believe what happened. All my good plans for the weekend went to naught. I’m quite upset.. You saw it right, upset.

Worse.. What a way to start the year.. Broke. hahaha I don’t know.. This month, ok na but I was stuck by let’s say bad luck. Damn luck. Sabon dito, kusot doon.. haay… Once I finished these hurdles, back to the original pace, for a while.

This month, actually sorry na di ko napost to agad sa January pero nareach ko naman yun target ko. Talagang something bad happened this weekend. Actually, ruined my rest sana. Anxiety raised up!
Dagdag pa ang pressure this year, well, I’ll say more pressure. Later. Geez, kung kailan! Ergh…. After this cold month, sana medyo uminit naman sa Feb. Mahirap maligo ng sobrang lamig! hahaha I admit some days, I just don’t want to take a cold bath. Kakatamad naman kung papainit pa ng tubig.

Well, I almost can say that I had a good month but January has 31 days, and those 30th and 31st days ruined it. Talking about last minute happening.

Oh, that’s not all.. Mukhang basta. Let’s say, savor the moment. That is an appropriate expression. It is. It will be.

Nahirapan din ako magsulat this month kasi siyempre di sanay but nung matatapos ko na ang target, aba, the feeling of finishing such crappy works excites me. hehe Sense of achievement kung baga. I just don’t want to elaborate what happened this month more.

Next month, well.. I hope I won’t write the same thing again. I want some improvement, better path, and yes..

Moving forward! To start Feb, congrats to NE Patriots! Parang nga silang Spurs. Grabe si Brady! hehehe


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