Not Showing: Gangs of Wasseypur

Well, I used to be curious in most films.. Way back high school, when we have still cable TV, I just surf the movie channels and some international channels and you can’t help going over some indian channels. There are 2 most number international channels in Cable because these 2 nationalites has the most populous, namely chinese and indian. Well, I can stand watching chinese films, especially their 80’s-90’s cinema, but indian, I just wonder how can I stay long watching a film full of belly dancing, eering singing and a lot of those at the end. Can’t blame their culture and the people of it. I’m not against indians, I mean it’s just I don’t really get it. Most of their films or worse, TV shows are just that. Tried and tested for a long time.. Besides, their bollywood industry alone, has a market value of millions of dollars despite at that look. Geez, well, give credit to those almost 1 billion followers. Not only in india but the neighbor countries as well.

That changed in this one film, I mean I read almost all the film sites or blogs, raving or kinda like this film. Indeed, not the usual indian flick. Although there are still the songs and dancing but not the actors themselves.. It’s not perfect but it’s great film. Great action packed bloody film.
There are some flaws that I said. One is kinda weird, it’s damn long. US release of this flick is staggering 3 hours long. Well, sad to say, that’s short. The real release, is damn almost 5 hours long! Split into two parts. The cinephiles won’t mind that long running time. But for average or even casual movie goer, I don’t think they won’t stand that time frame. I’m not sure with the US release if they do release as one film, I don’t know how the editing will go. But for me, watch it, the long cut. I’ll explain below..

Another flaw, the production set is not really changing. Well, I do understand that this film shot in a fast pace that they had to shoot in secret.. I hope they kinda at least change the scenery or look the background in the old times. Due to the story’s scope, places change or even you can say it’s a damned place, at least there should be a decent set in a certain time. That really shows in the first part of the film, all the shots it’s like in the dessert. I hope it’s better than that. Or don’t tell me, that’s the truth? That’s sad.

Enough of the flaws.. First strength is despite it’s really 5 hours long and kinda robbed my weekend rest.. Well, it did not bore me. The pace really made the viewer going like one scene is killing then next one is talking then another long scene of violence then stops, normal scene.. The up and down pace helped the film engaged to the viewer. If the film first hour is more of talking, then I’ll just sleep perhaps. But that’s not the case, great job of the narration which really helps to understand the flow of the story. Without it, it will be damn hard to follow. Give credit to the staff and the director of course.
The strength of it’s cast also help in the film. Great surprise that they casted mostly not famous actors, and they shot it in a frentic pace which you can see as you watching the film. That’s not easy to do, especially with the violent nature of the film. I love the main cast, a couple of beautiful lads, and my favorite character in the film, Definite. Weird name, but in the end, he’s the only one you’ll definitely remember. I’m thinking of Faizal as my fave but he’s kinda unlucky. Ramandhir, indeed acts as a main villain. Lucky one is J.P. Most unlucky, the two fathers, Sadhar and Shadhir if I’m not mistaken. Poor dads. But the whole cast done their parts, from the uncles, to the henchmen and even the kids.

Another strength, the simple but long story of revenge. This is the reason why they done it long. I mean they could go for the Godfather route of splitting the films into 3, but they done at this rate, well it’s a gamble. If this film not a hit and they only shown part one, which it has like one of the harrowing endings shown in film, viewers will be dissappointed if no part two due to poor sales. That’s what I thought why they went to 2 flicks, show it at the same year or I don’t know how they done it. Then part 2, it’s not a let down and great thing, they finished it great. The climax is indeed there and pace went fast. It’s like watching Godfather in a most minimal budget you can think of, and with a simple story. Two families out killing each other.

With this film, I have an idea how India not only looks like in some of the simple cities but gangs work. Geez, they are more scary than ours perhaps. Scary shit.. Those are the kind of families you don’t want to mess with.

Lastly, the selling point of the film, violent action scenes. First one was kinda action packed although some of it funny but damn, profanity, cursing and guns in one scene, that’s it! Then, despite not really using modern guns, mostly second hand guns, scenes were realistic, with stabbing, beheading, and shooting spree. Geez, it’s kinda scary to go there. Alone.. I was smiling at the election scene, they do that in broad daylight? Wow, I don’t want to vote if that’s the case.. It’s hell! Both endings of the two films are kinda harrowing, but the first one, I felt I cheered for Sadhir to get revenge, I even thought he’ll live. But that’s not the case. The second one, indeed it’s crazy as hell and abrupts to close. Great timing.

Ah yes, expect those songs again but it’s their OST anyway but you’ll be shocked at some songs with profane lyrics. I don’t if that’s the right sub but if that it is, then the tagline of this film is correct..

Not your usual indian cinema. Oh, I wonder if it shown here, will the indians watch this?


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