Eye of the Beholder

The night is still young at 3:00am. I can’t imagine that I’m so much this idle. Yet I still have sleepy head running all through out. I don’t yet what to do this coming weekend, but I do understand I’ll be busy until next weekend. I even anticipating what will I do on Thursday and Friday next week. I will need more sleep than ever.

As I stare this half full Pepsi Max bottle, I can’t imagine that nobody wants to really finish this drink. Maybe all of us doesn’t like Pepsi. I still feel relieved this moment as I’m so idle and doing nothing, on top of tomorrow’s shift.. I’ll be doing the same thing. Nothing! Free to rest.

It’s crazy to face 2 monitors every single day. It’s the first time that I’m working with 2 monitors and now I understand how it works. I’m thinking to have this at home, but come to think of it, it’s quite stupid. I don’t use citrix at home.

Although I call, but this is nothing compared in my previous jobs. I should say well, it’s my first job that doesn’t really handle a large call volume. I can say it’s an office job at night. Now, I kinda having gnawing much, kinda sleepy perhaps.
I’m now thinking of changing the computer mouse again. It’s acting up, as it does double click even I only clicked once. I don’t know why computer mouse are built this way, these days.. Built not to last. Even my mouse at home, it’s also acting up, which the pointer sometimes goes nowhere!!!

I don’t know why were reminded to wear something red but I can say, it only shows team spirit. That’s it.. My skin is flaking again, and it means, too much cold in my skin. Yes, despite I love this kind of weather, my skin doesn’t especially if I’m in stress. It’s ironic, I don’t have this when summer comes, no problem with my skin but I hate the hot scorching weather. Nobody wants to be sweating all day right?

I don’t really see myself playing Clash of Clans. I don’t know, maybe I’m focused on more productive things or interesting things than killing time of like they use to say, going to war. Even at work.

It’s a surprise and a sign of peaceful day, nobody from local finance is bothering me.. I hope this go on every day. Not bad wishful thinking. Also, no stress for today.

My eyes are kinda weary, but not tired. Let’s say sleepy.. I can just close these eyes until the sun rises..

For now, what a way to kill time.. Doing nothing.


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