Crushes: Eva Green

Go and watch the Dreamers! Hahaha That’s it. Done, end of story!  

Next crush is.. Kidding. The first time I saw here was in 007’s Casino Royale. The first glance at her, I was mesmerized not only with that almost perfect European looks but also how she acts elegant. I mean of course, they are many better actresses who can really act, but for her, just the right actress fit in her beauty. Simply, timeless, elegant beauty. Any movie you put her, it’s just there is already a draw to her that breathtaking aura.

Of course, why you wouldn’t be attracted to that very bright skin matched with that very perfect round eyes, don’t forget her green colored eyes! Model figure from top to bottom and indeed, european beauty at it’s finest. Wow, even the movie the perfect sense, despite it’s a quite not good movie, I just stared at her all the scenes she’s at it and I’m fine. Movie is good! How about the 300: Rise of the Empire? I mean, despite all the shortcomings of the film, she saved it because of her ferocious, beautiful and deadly character! The movie passed to me. Without her, I’ll damn curse that film.

Definitely, after Casino Royale, I searched which are the other films she had done and one film you shouldn’t miss.. The Dreamers! This film, well quite controversial not to it’s story, or even the cast, but around 60-70% of the running time, you’ll see all the actors naked. Bared naked. Yes, that includes Eva Green. My favorite line in the film, “I have no hands..” Oh yeah.. Then yes, feast your eyes in every angle of Eva. Damn.. To tell you the truth, of course, you will watch this film and view as a soft porn flick which as I focused to her, I was indeed, well not aroused or got titilated of sorts. Honestly, I just really stared at her. Real look to her not only her body but as a whole. Such a beautiful actress. Indeed, if I have a list of top ten beautiful actresses in films all time, she is already one of them. Such a lovely sight. I just sigh and darn..

Of course, nobody’s perfect. As for her, I have no qualms to her well, she can do modelling than acting and I think she can still stood out to other supermodels now and then.. One thing really bothers me at her career. One example, last year.. She appeared in two films, as I know, one is 300 and Sin City 2. Both of them, well she looks great at the roles she acted but the films were not really good critically or worse for Sin City 2, it flopped big time. Dark Shadows didn’t do good, or even perfect sense. Oh there is one film I haven’t watched, the one with Shailene Woodley, but I think and what I read, it’s a good film. What I’m saying is when I checkd her filmography, most of the films she’s into, were kinda not good.

I loved Casino Royale and she’s perfect for the role but other than that, I don’t know which other film that not only she done great but the film is great.  I heard she is doing good at penny dreadful so I suggest in her next film, for a time being, go for films that she’ll not be required to show skin or go nude. I mean she can act, she done that in Casino Royale and Kingdom of heaven, Golden Compass. I hope she’ll do more of that. If she needs to change her manager, then do it! Hansel and Gretel witch hunters I think is great if she just accepted that role.. Hmmmm Maybe go get indie flicks perhaps or british films, french films.. By the way, she’s french which she doesn’t look like one.. I can say she’s ehem sorry to Marion and Audrey, Lea Seydoux and her partner in blue in the warmest color, or even other french actresses.. Eva Green is the most beautiful french actress for me. Ever!

So, that’s it, I know it’s only one flaw but it will help her a lot if she just get more good roles, or be cast in good films. Other than that..

I’ve been drawn in her that emerald eyes..


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