what if..

(Spain still owns the Philippines)

Que horror! Anyway, meaning what if they still rule for another well almost a lifetime. I don’t know, maybe there is a lot of possibilities can happen..

First, we’ll speak fluent, or perfect spanish. Even I don’t put as a first love other language, spanish is like almost chinese.. I mean a lot of countries speak spanish and it’s a good language to learn or even to speak. Amor!

Second, a chance perhaps visit Spain. Well, I don’t know the great places in Spain but it’s looks like Italy but it is lived by Spanish people. I don’t know but with the films I watched about spain or just pictures, it looks rustic but with a classic touch.

Third, I don’t know how the Spanish people treat us or example ah foreigners. As much times changed, I don’t know if they will be still tyrannical or discriminating if they still own us. For my opinion, it’s 50/50. Unlike British who well treat their colony after some time, I don’t know with Spanish. Unlikely maybe?

Fourth, ah! Of course, despite their government has somewhat parliamentary type, correct me if I’m wrong, but we are still under the King’s power. Which made them, strong at first but in the new millenia including these past years, they kinda sunk financial due to their own beleaguered crisis. They were not stable and you may blame the government or the monarch alone, but you should blame them all perhaps. So, if that happens to them, easily we’ll be affected. Just a hunch.

Another, our culture will be definitely gone. I mean, I like our culture except for that procrastination, but our food, even our language or even our provincial culture will be or sadly, not preserve. It depends with the government, or maybe they’ll allow us to keep it but it’s also 50/50.

Despite what their government or their Monarch have failed today, come to think of it, if they are our rulers, we’ll have better infrastructure, or yet, we are part of EU?! Yeah right..

I’m thinking a lot of possibilities but one factor will stand out, we’ll be mixed with a very, utterly, beautiful race! hahahahaha Men and women, darn right! Spanish people, simply one of the great looking people in the world.  I’m thinking what if I look spanish. =)

Not only beautiful race but also physically, I mean we could have somebody to compete for olympics or football and yeah, basketball! Come to think of it, we’ll have pinoy players in Euroleague,

olympics and better yet NBA?!

No está nada mal , una ilusión

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