Ring! Ring!


part one

Well, well it’s my hometown. Homecourt.. My turf. Yet, it’s only the second place for the best BPO/Call centers to work with. A decade ago, I have no idea that this place will be a great business zone for this industry.

A decade passed, and now it’s buying or almost attracting other BPO companies to stay put in this place. What more if the Quezon City business district is up in the 5 years, then we might compete to other cities such as Makati or BGC.

Let’s start.. It’s been a long time that I’ve haven’t writing here in this place. hehe I already thought of 5 places in QC that I can say bustling places now because of the BPO industry. Let’s start with Farview, oops, Fairview!

Fairview is a big place but I don’t want to live here because it’s really far and at night, quite dangerous going out here, especially if you are going to work. However, few companies have the courage to put some centers here.

AFNI – this call center is located well, at commonwealth ave. but going to fairview. Their site was used to be one of the CVG’s sites but since CVG expanded and moved, somebody occupied their center. I have no idea what accounts to they have but according to their ads, well they are looking for inbound and outbound reps. So, I’m guessing, they have US Accounts. Stability, can’t say yet because they only showed up in a year.. Simply I don’t trust them yet.

Robinson’s Fairview – Teletech has one site here, I don’t know if it still there or not, but when I worked with them in a short time, I’m seeing people recognized in the bulletin board the employees from this site. What I know is they have tech accounts, not sure if it’s HP or Kodak. But I’m sure they have a US account and they have dayshift schedules. Since I came here already I mean, teletech but from the different site, just find another site or job. However if you are so near here, well, if you can live with their small rate or hope that your rate will be added with a premium then go for it. However just be careful as it happened before… This site with all the agents got robbed one time. Even it happened one time, well just be careful, especially the outskirts of Fairview.

SM Fairview – Yes, a call center inside a mall. However I don’t know which part of the mall is their center. But anyway, Teleperformance has a site here and they have an account that is quite familar. Telstra SMB. Hmmmmm That’s what I felt when reading their ads and from Teletech as well as that time we are competing with different sites and centers, I saw this center’s name. Definitely, rate is high and it’s morning sked but from my place? it’s quite expensive going from my home to this site. Besides, handling Telstra’s account is not only toxic but also complicated. What’s more you are handling SMB type of accounts. Geez. Forget it. hehe

A short stop for this one.

Next one we will go around and see QC.


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