Web History

These days, di buo ang araw pag di ako nakakapaginternet.
Lalo na surfing sa sites na may pwede paginterestan kung baga. Thanks to the internet, I not only learn or be updated to many things but kinda guides you to rekindle interests or discover new interests.
It also helps, well information that are useful. Laugh at some news or comments. Be inspired at some stories. Be warned by some evil lurking  things or will make you addicted. O mga ibang bagay na nakakamangha.. Discover na ganito pala or siya pala ay si ganun at nag ganito pala. Basta, ang sure… You need something to know, is just a click away.
Sometimes, you’ll know the personality of the person through looks, or what she/he wears, eats or even what books the person reads. Even what the person listens to.. O kahit sa pananalita niya.
How about, what personality you can see on what that person browses through the net! hehe
Simulan yun akin.
Pag mali yun type ko, may google ha for the correct link.
gmanews.tv – dito ako nagcheck siyempre pinoy news, some chismax and a bit more international news. All about channel 7 of course. hehe actually nanditonaman lahat, ok talaga siya.
abs-cbnnews.com – dito ako check ng news, chismax at iba pa, tungkol naman sa channel 2. Mas gusto ko section dito business at nation. Lalo na yun mga business stories.
gsmarena.com – basta lahat ng news about cellphone/smartphone, tablets, gadgets, great and accurate reviews, dito ang unang punta! nuff said! hehe
imdb.com – kahit di ko na siya lagi una punta sa movie/entertainment news, pero the best movie database.. ever! kakaaddict ito, especially for cinephiles.. Grabe ang inaddik ko sa kanya dati. Hours naubos just reading celebrity profiles. haha
sports.yahoo.com/nba – I don’t care nba.com. Basta NBA and some rumors, at siyempre, ehem odds.. dito ang unang punta ko muna bago taya este nood or abang ng scores. hahaha Maganda din yun mga reports dito.
inquirer.net – wow, good writing for reports, some honest opinions, and business chismax din. Forget the entertainment and nation reports.
twitchfilm.net – kasalanan ng imdb.com to! hahaha But the best for me ha, movie site for indie flicks news around the world, film festivals, home video releases, tv shows reviews, asian cinema news. Got inspiration in writing my movie reviews. hehe And yes, movies na never heard of, they make a fuss of it. Nagulat nga ko, pati pinoy flicks, narereview nila!
spin.ph – I know it has a lot of haters, but eto yun best sports pinoy site ngayon. Paano ba naman, very informative, up to date, detailed at maraming variety of sports news kahit may kinda bias sa ibang teams! hahaha At ang the best site for fun and laughing comments. Kawawa ang Ginebra dito sa site na to!
bleachersreport.com/nba – if yahoo sports nba eh ayos ang scoreboard, dito eh very insightful reports and opinions of real writers/fans ng NBA. Even themselves are fighting each other thru intellectual way. hehe Galing dito saka complete yun stats using sa reports and opinions.
tokyohive.com – Just recently.. hehe Hmmmm updated reports of japan entertainment, news, even gossips and ratings. Few lang yun opinion reports pero kaabang abang ang japanese chismax!
asianwiki.com – the imdb for jdrama/flicks and korean drama/flicks. Stars database din at peste, nakakaaddict to lalo na yun trail ng flicks or dramas ginawa ng actor. hehe
yugatech.com – most updated pinoy tech news site. Yun lang. Pero news or editorial stuff.. Hmmm marami pang mas magaling dito. Yun lang! hahaha
screenrant.com – thanks to imdb.com, I found a site which has less ads, more updated and some leak of film news, great opinions/editorials and most of all, fun comments. Reviews? I trust twitch at that part.
aramajapan.com – indeed it’s like tokyohive but remove the ratings, they are into more gossips, editorials and news. Nice bright looking site too. hehe
dvdreleasedates.com – well, title pa lang, alam na ang silbi. hahaha Para sure na maganda ang makukuha, tingin muna dito!
interaksyon.com – good pinoy news site for nation, entertainment and the best business news, kasi grabe ang insiders ha. hahaha
sports5.ph – sports news ng interaksyon.com at channel 5. dedicated for PBA at ngayon maganda kasi may videos ng past games. Some interesting pba news pero dun na lang. At nakakatawang comments. hehe
unbox.ph – despite late updates, but very informative and straight forward insights for a tech pinoy site. I go to this first before yuga. hehe simple as that.
pep.ph- ang pagkachismax mo ay tataas pag sobrang basa ka dito. yun na. hahaha At ang mga matinding nakakatawang comments for pinoy showbiz. Geez.
blackswordsmann.blogspot.com – siyempre, alam na. hahaha
techpinas.com – I’m proud to say na kabatch ko ng HS ang gumawa nito. hahaha Semi cream ako, cream section to at….. Well at first ok siya but as time goes by, it became late and few news and worse, there were some, hmmmmm unusual posts.
clickthecity.com/movies – grabe, galing na pinoy movie site, I mean the honest reviews at yun screentime skeds, accurate at lahat na! No need to go sa sureseats or smcinema. Just very useful site talaga bago ako manood ng sine! Design lang talaga medyo simple. hehe
japantoday.com – sa dami ng japan news site, eto lang ang pinakanatuwa ako. A very great glimpse of japan in everyday living. Interesting news at chismax din at informative blogs about living in Japan.
japantimes.com – ok na sana eh, very informative, a lot of sections and inputs.. It’s just, may limit talaga. hahaha bad trip pero may mga editorials na very helpful about japan.
 Newsonjapan.com – another site about news siyempre sa japan plus with other insights.
Tokyoreporter.com – I’ll blame this site for my addiction. Seriously. Geez, I should stay away from this site for a long time. Hahahaha
Ubergizmo.com – one of the best tech sites in the land, with weird tech news as well.
Starcitygames.com – best magic the gathering site, madali lang kasi makita yun decklist nila. Hahaha Saka interesting yun mga nagblog dun na real great players.
Magicthegathering.com – medyo matagal na ko di nakakapunta dito, pero well, fresh news about magic the gathering game. Malamang, dapat lang!
Mtgsalvation.com – spoiler alerts sa magic lalo na sa new expansion sets. The best!
Empireonline.com – best movie site in the UK, definitely a must see lalo na yun mga top list nila, great source for UK film news. Bloody great!!!
Dramago.com – due to being well, dream of going Nippon, well I need some dose of jdrama here. New addiction. hahaha
Actually, yun lang muna at eto yun mga regular sites pinupuntahan ko. Yun iba actually, sorry can’t say here. It’s you can guess what are they. Nah, not porn. Hahaha Basta, let’s say sources… At yun iba, naiwasan ko na puntahan, nablock na or wala na or worse, not found. =(
Now, can you tell who am I?


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