Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends

After that operation and almost 2 weeks of not going out. I’ve decided to set my return into this world by well, watching a flick. Great thing that this film still running because the sequel is so successful, everybody is anticipating this last film of the trilogy.

The film is quite long, more than 2 hours and first part was a bit, let’s say the downer of the trilogy. Slow, more drama and talking, training of Kenshin to learn the ultimate technique although it’s a mystery but it kinda dreary. I almost fell asleep at those hour. Add to Kaoru’s sublime acting, things almost went worse.
Great thing, that ended at the second half when everyone seems pumped up fighting the army of Shishio. Then, it became bloody, fast pace action and most of all, simple ending. Geez.. Nothing more or less.
Good points of the film, first of all, as being consistent in the trilogy, the look of the film is almost the same in the anime. From how Shishio looks, some of the Juppon gatana characters looks the same in the anime, and the feel of the Meiji period of course. The looks of main characters and even the swords almost they got it. Second factor is the action sequences, which not really the best but way better than the first film. The second film has the best action scenes. The reason for this below notch grade of this final film is due to the first part of the film. If they only reduced the drama and dialogue and slow pace, then add some important action scenes then it has the best action scenes in the trilogy.
One example of kinda a let down action scene is Saito versus the Blind dude. I mean in the anime or manga, that’s one of a fight but in the film, just a few seconds. That’s bad.. How about the monk versus Sano, the first parts were good but how the fight finished? It’s a repeat of what Sano did. Geez.. I hope they improved on those parts.
But definitely the fight of Kenshin versus the fast kid was great and final fight between Kenshin and Shishio was great plus bloody. I like that. It also shown how realistic or how possible is that we call the “very long name” technique. I almost forgot the great fight between Aoishi and Kenshin. Sorry.
Last good point, it’s weird but it helped this film. Remember Matrix Revolutions which shown around next 6 months after Reloaded. I rushed to watch the film and despite it looks good, it’s a downer and the hated movie of the Matrix trilogy. If that film shown just a month  or two after Reloaded, it will not be that bad. You see, the gap of the two films helped to appreciate the last part. That strategy helped this film. I mean, if you show this film 6 months to 1 year later, then that’s the only thing you’ll get, then it’s a bad film. Maybe the anticipation help ease the well, the downside of this film. It’s not really one of the worst I watched, I mean I’ll watch this again than 
watching Lupin 3rd live action film again. It’s just despite they kinda rush this one, well, they did some good at it.. But not the best. Great thing, it happened soon.
First failling point, besides that very slow first part.. It justified this factor, miscast actors/actress. Not Kenshin, Sano or even the right hand of Shishio. His Juppon gatana, has a lot of miscast, well they had a problem of casting a giant perhaps. Then there is a girl in that group which it did not even show some action or fight scene. One big miscast is Kenshin’s sensei. I mean the dude can act as you see him in Galileo (jdrama) and Like Father, Like Son (touching film), but it’s just he doesn’t have the look of Seijuro. I mean I said before, I’ll put the actor of Aoishi to become Seijiro because of the built and has a bit of the look. Of course, Emi Takei as Kaoru. She failed in this film and more so, I don’t know, I’ll still go with Tao Tsuchiya as Misao. Kaoru’s role in the film, although of course she’s a bit lost but with expression and action. Emi did was lost of expression and none action. It’s just did not work here. I hope after the first film, they changed her. hehe Bad me..
Second point that it quite failed.. Well, some action scenes were either unnecessary or something lacking. I mean the fight of Kenshin and Sensei is quite repeatitive. Then of course the misses I discussed earlier. Geez, if that’s the case great thing, this is only a trilogy. They rushed some of the scenes or action scenes and cut some scenes as well.
Third failling point, I’ve noticed that some changes they did for this film did not help. The changes they made in the second film helped and made sense. This film, it did not.. One example is the last fight was at that big boat. I mean I hope they made that final fight in a temple or a big yard, or how about a field with bamboo shoots or wide plain, like other good samurai flicks. It looked cramped and the background is not that helpful. Maybe they are in a tight schedule while making this film. But great thing, the fight is fantastic. Aoishi not part of Shishio’s gang did not help as I like that part of the story unchanged.
Juppon gatana’s group changed. Sensei should have fought or helped defending the village did not show which I am quite disappointed. A scene that how Sensei helped Kenshin, it was so short, and can’t believe they cut a lot of it. It’s a bloody scene as you see.. The boat thing helped at the second film, in this one, it did not help. I mean, I hoped at the second film, burn Kyoto, bring the boat with the army and the third film, almost all fighting until they end up in a temple. That’s better, it changed a bit the original plot but made sense. This one.. Almost not made sense.
Last one, the simple ending. I mean I hope it’s longer or nostalgic or even cuter.. But sorry, you don’t get so much that of a simple ending. Geez, it’s not even romantic. Oh I forgot, but not the film’s fault, more talk than action flick like the anime/manga does. Very consistent. I hope they changed that tone.
Despite those negative points, I liked the film, better fit in the trilogy. My two hours not wasted and had fun because of the positive factors of the film.
Well, while I’m digging some flicks, I found Azumi! Hmmmmm and it has a sequel as well Azumi 2! The second part is more action than drama which it did not help. But why I brought up this one? Hmmm  Those 2 films I had fun watching and I can say, Kenshin only advantage over those films is popularity because Kenshin is a very popular anime/manga, a childhood hero and yeah everybody loved it.
If Kenshin is not a popular anime/manga and you don’t know how they look really..  I’ll choose Azumi coz it’s bloody fun samurai flicks with a very beautiful heroine.


Good thing, the Legend Ends swiftly. 

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