Lifted High!

Despite it was for four days.. I didn’t really go for four days. I only went for one and half days. Hehe As much I want to look forward for a long spiritual rest or just a break away from all this stress.. Unfortunately, I can only enjoy such rest in these short 4 days. So I chose to really rest for 2 days then get myself away from work and just watching jdrama and almost doing nothing. I can say I had really a rollercoaster year.. I tried my best to come early for Saturday but I really need to maximize my rest so I was late for this day. I just looked forward what will I learn in these last days. 

I got my ticket and a lot of pamphlets, which some of them might be useful in the future. Very useful. The first talk I listened to was about shifting from employment to business! I chose that coz hmmm the one I liked was taken or already full. This talk was kinda my second choice.

While waiting for this talk to start, I was thinking what happened almost 3 years ago. Working and running business at the same time.. I was smiling every time I think bout it, the fact that until now.. I don’t really know how I pulled it off. Hahaha Anyway the speaker currently has a consulting HR firm. Her name is Trixie Silerio

Then what striking about her credentials was she got a MBA degree at AIM. Wow. I would always dream when can I study there. Haha She is also a social entrepreneur. Those two latter words are kinda famous these days.

Anyway, her sharing and story was simply motivating. I mean she discovered her passion since kid then growing up. But she worked in the corporate world for a while then ultimately, putting up her own firm. The points that struck me most, first was when going to business, you will need a lot time to think about it. In my case before, it took me a month to decide and go with my brother set up the cellphone shop. Second point was the difference of passion, hobby and business. The point made realize that most of abilities or skills are either hobby or business. Hehe All I need in the future is to choose which I can use to earn big. Last point was to prepare for the endeavor. I mean at my part, even i did well at my previous biz but i didn’t prepare enough when the harsh times are approaching. Or even before I put my biz, I didn’t save at least to have a working capital or reduced my loan at start which might have a big effect on how I earn. I should really do this in the future if I’ll do this again.

Overall, the talk went good and inspired to go back doing biz in the future.

Last talk of the day was most motivating, which another surprisingly choice. The one I like was out so I scanned for another talk and this one was the one I need. Work life balance!

Before I chose this talk, the speaker was kinda familiar especially with his credentials. I saw him saw him somewhere. Hehe Mr. James Michael Rafferty showed up and I thought he is a runningback in american football due to his big built.

So he started talking and with few intro he started right away into his topic. He gave ten ways or tips to achieve work life balance. Sorry I didn’t get the ten ways. Hahaha However, three ways that I got a great idea to really achieve work life balance!

First way is to give importance or put family first. Very important point.. Give importance the family’s advices, events and of course, relationship. Despite my ah hmmm I admit that I do have shortcomings to this aspect especially at the past.. Pressure is mounting as I grow old with family matters.. So, I really need to focus for the future. Darn, easier said and done.

Second way, define my 5 roles. Wow, when he said that, there was a lightning bolt struck to my mind! Through previous years, as I need to try to do everything, which indeed made me stressed out. In my free time, I need to define my 5 roles. Strictly 5, not six. Hehe nothing more or less. Clear 5 roles!

Last one, well I had a lot of ways want to emphasize, but this one way kinda fun and crazy. List 100 things to do before you die. Hehe The logic for this one is you need to do for living this short life to the fullest. I will do this! Bwahahaha

Darn, the only thing I didn’t like at this talk was the short time allotted for the speaker. As much he wants to expound every way, he is restrained. I hope he was given more time to talk about it. His topic is very essential to not only the usual employee but everybody who has work and life or even leaders, need to know this important balance in life. But one admiration that really strikes me is his trait of being helpful. I mean, how he helped the person who had a heart attack, despite he might in jail in Japan for doing first aid. He didn’t mind that at all. Also how he helps our national track and field team, using his own time and money! Unbelievable guy.. We lucky to have him in our country!

Saturday is done.. Well I was able to go home fast and sleep early.

It is weird as Sunday came. Grand feast is at 2pm at MOA. I arrived before 2pm yet I can’t believe that crowd outside lining up was jampacked and worried that we might not fit inside. I heard rumors that others from the morning session still inside.

It’s already 10 minutes after 2pm, well I’m quite anxious bout, how the mass is on going and the program as well. Geez. Patience is a virtue.

Great thing we are moving after 20 mins and at last, thank God.. I am in and it’s a great thing, premium seats! Great thing, liturgy of the word just started. Hehe Thank God I’m not late.

The mass was grand, and of course, solemn.. It was finished after like an hour and a half. Then one singing number which included a heartwarming sharing bout survival from a strong storm.

Worship started and lead by Bro. Bo then first talk done by Bro. Arun about us being Uncontainable. It’s a sense of being you are not confined in your faults, problems, sins or anything that hinders love to Jesus. It’s an inspirational talk with a lot of fun and motivation. Although not really great, but just enough to be inspired.

Last talk came of course from Bro. Bo. A passionate talk about lifting high with Jesus. Emphasizing bout the importance of faith, especially being very high with being close to Jesus, especially the times you need to lay down your weakness and ask him to heal you. Then follow him as well at end, of course, don’t forget to spread that love to anybody. To close the talk, damn.. I don’t know how to make a paper plane! Hahaha writing the dreams in this plane and thrown upward for reaching dreams.

And that’s was it. Hehe Actually, I can’t say that it was great for this year’s conference nor I didn’t like it. I love it but due to the limited time I’ve attended to it, I can’t just say anything bad to it. I just didn’t maximize the four days of attending the conference. My bad of course. But the rest I got plus the conference itself, its worth it. Just a few points to improve on.

I hope they’ll put more business or career classes in the Thursday and Friday schedules to entice more attendees. Another thing, for the Sunday grand feast, I hope attendees has a choice to go at the morning asked especially like me, I’m a morning person. Hehe or better yet, get a bigger venue!

I hope next year as I bit by bit fixing everything bout me, I’ll attend full four days. Hehe If allows me, and if possible might serve perhaps. I just looking forward for next year’s conference which has always something in store for me, whether spiritual, educational, motivation or decision as well.. Can’t wait for next year’s edition.

For now, well, I’m thinking how to achieve that work life balance, now! Hahaha Definitely, how to be lifted high by Jesus. =)


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