Notice of Return

Wow, hmmmmm actually.. I almost forgot na may blog pala ako. hahaha

It’s almost 3 months from my last post. For those who are following well, if there is any, just wait for my next posts. Let’s say simply I got sick. Literally. Grabe ang sakit nadaanan but great thing, it’s not really serious.

A lot I’ve missed noong mga 3 months na yun. I mean, blogging wise. Hmmm I really missed writing, ranting, criticize and wanting. hehe A lot happened despite that condition, good and bad. A lot of realizations, change of plans and most of all, just watching japanese drama. Yes, not Korean or even Walking dead, jdrama. Hai! hehe

I’m sorry I was not able to really complete those missed months, well pahinga din siguro. Sometimes, you need to rest talaga. Even my passion for writing eh nagback track but that’s fine. Ok lang pala. I want to write agad after well, that operation but I need really to let’s say in hiatus for a while. Set of priorities siguro and lalo na catching up sa work.

For the missed months until this month, eh 15 lang siguro masulat ko. hehe It’s sad but well ganun talaga. Bawi na lang ako next year, talagang masunod ang 10 per month. =)

Expect at my next posts are illogical, which I prefer. I’ll say yun bago muna then yun luma or vise versa, let’s say random series na lang. It is a bore kung talagang I start from the day I stopped then progress until now. Nah.. I don’t like that.

Of course, I won’t forget the usual post or usual series.. Siyempre pampadagdag yun sa target. hehe Di naman mawawala yun. Will I tell all? Like always, guess what.. hehe Time flies fast talaga. 3 months is like just a week ago. Geez.. I wonder ganun na ba talaga kabilis ang mga panahon ngayon?
I miss typing for my blog. Geez, getting tired typing emails or reports.. Statement of accounts. Forget it. hahaha I miss doing this, spontaneous thinking, less to none proofreading and writing at the same time. Even FB, well, parang months na din ako di nakakaconnect. hahaha

Despite I’m online in other apps, not FB. I really missed FB not because of the stuff I put, but the chismax. hehe Yun lang. So, don’t worry, I just did not have liking at marami pang nangyari that’s why di na ko nag FB. But since nagsusulat na ko and getting my groove back, malamang balik FB. Kahit twitter, eh puro tingin ako, no tweets. hehe

Kung kailan ako gusto mag online sa FB, eto downtime ng DSL. Good job!

I wonder sana di malakas yun bagyo na yun, at sana di tumama sa xmas party namin. Kala ko naman ngayon pupunta yun bagyo, lintek di pa pala, nadelay pa.

Darn, I should have my weekly movie film fest back. Dumadami na eh. hahaha Time to spoil some treasures. Sorry, I’m not really a Hobbit fan. Or kahit yun hunger games, I think I should watch yun second one first before this new one.

See, I missed a lot. This year is a full of hits and misses. Geez.. Next time I should focus on all those hits!

Sorry for the short notice..

Now, let’s go back… Where was I?!


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