Eye of the Beholder

I looked at my wrist band, actually staring at it for a longer time…

Whirlwind of thoughts running into my head, such as “what I’m doing here?” or “How long will I stay here?”, “Will there be complications or will I survive?”
“Can I go home and get my long rest?” or “What should I watch later..” “How’s the team going without me?” “Darn, how special to be admitted in the hospital for the second time..”
Those thoughts well, they were some but I have more.. Life or death or happy or sad.. Bad or good. Best or worst.
As I continue staring my band, I looked upon the white board which has the name of the nurse on duty and what diet will I follow. Quite informative. The room is quite big, what’s more surprising, well it’s a lesser package that we as an employee should be getting. Wow, so the real room package is bigger? This room is already huge for me and Mum..
Mum is sleeping, so quietly after doing all she needs to do for just making sure I’m ok and well taken care of. How lovely and sweet is my Mom. Indeed..
She is quite well rested for a while after all that preliminary screening on me and simple rules of my stay. Forms to fill out, buttons to push, how to use the amenities, and who to look for. I kinda love my stay, I don’t really feel I’m in a hospital. St. Luke’s is becoming my first preferred choice of medical help. Besides, they already saved me many times before this..
Hmmm.. I wonder when that beautiful nurse will come back and check on me. Darn, another reason to have my stay longer. Not only  great looking but accompany that with great service. Prompt, quality and fun service.
I also thinking what to watch in TV. I’m eager to watch since the last time I had cable TV was wayback HS days. I admit that when I watch cable TV, especially at my sister’s house, it drains my time due to a lot of information channels, NHK, movie channels and of course, NBA games. Well this time, NBA season is off. I need to wait ’til November. Darn.
Mom wants food network, so yeah just feast my eyes on it. Savor this moment that I could just rest and stay in bed, for a long time.
Although I can rest, but my worries aren’t. Of course, who wouldn’t worry if your going to be operated in your arse.. Geez, with all those advise that it will be painful and crap, all I do is just sigh.. Oh God, just let this finish.
Despite I worked in a night shift for quite sometime, hmmmm this is the only time that I could really..
Close my eyes where the day close at the same time.
A normal sleep. Night that clams me, not giving stress to me.
Looking forward to the big day.

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