Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno

The long awaited sequel to one of the most consistent live action anime/manga adaptation comes back. With more to offer.. 

Well, surprisingly, the line was very long. I thought I’m lining up in a Kathniel flick. But anyhow, that didn’t stop really to grab a seat and enjoy sort of reminiscing a great samurai character comes to life.

Let’s go first what I did not really like about the film. There were a lot but forgivable. Perhaps. First is the changes made for film, there were many changes just to fit the story into film, such as one example. Aoshi is not part of Shishio’s men. I think the big boat was not used in attacking Tokyo, more so, there is no giant dude that terrorized Tokyo. Cho’s blade was only long, not flexible. And a lot things changed. It not really affect the story or pace but I hope they kinda more true to the source, at least. Another choice of actors or how they were used. Yu Aoi was underused, maybe for this film. Or am I biased because she’s my crush. Actor who played Aoshi should be the Kenshin’s sensei because of his big built and looks but we might get a thinner sensei. Even Yumi, the hot right hand of Shishio is kinda thin, but looks great. Some of the assasins look different than in the anime, except for that I forgot the name always smiling killer, Soujiro. Lastly, which is I thought, Emi Takei’s performance as Kaoru, declined. She always like lost or indecisive and sad.

Lastly, of course, it’s not the films fault.. Less violent due to Kenshin’s nature and as usual, more talking first then fight. Geez.. They did the adaptation good.

Great things about the flick, first of all the fight scenes, with more than 2 hours long in this film, I can’t remember or count how many fight scenes were there. I believe it has more fight scenes than the melodramatic moments in the film. It’s only the number but the quality of it. Two fight scenes stand out for me, it’s Aoshi versus his old Master and the short fight of Soujiro and Kenshin. The chose the latter because of it’s close to a samurai fight. That’s all. But like I said, there were more you can choose.

Give credit to the director that despite with the changes made, I still felt I’m watching Kenshin. It did not change the feel of watching one and the anime. The right amount of fun, and pace of story and the development of Shishio is still there. I’m not sure others felt but for me, of course it’s just fine. I also did not feel watching a 2 hour more film. I just felt it when it was done and I was not able to do afterwards going around the mall.

The production set up is really great, as usual in Japanese flicks, they made like samurai time or Edo time easily set up. No trace of letting down the production value up to the costumes and of course, katanas.

Final credit goes to the actors, Takeru Sato made a great impression as kenshin and surprisingly, Tatsuya Fujiwara as Shishio. From the survivor in Battle Royale to Death Note and now as a villain, this dude can really act. Don’t forget Sano, Saito who really resembles their characters. Maryjun as Yumi despite her thin/model figure, and few lines, looks great, Aoishi dude, wow and the rest of night watchers. Yoshi is still the same, Soujiro as well and the most suprisingly, Misao! After watching her, and I thought, she is more fit as Kaoru. I know there might be Emi Takei’s fans but seriously, the actress who plays Misao should be Kaoru. Well, I still give Kaoru a chance, there is still one film left.

Speaking of the last film, I feel it maybe the last film in Kenshin. The last time we will see this. Reasons? The Amakusa arc is interesting but quite boring due to well, it has a lot of talking as the anime/manga shown. The only interesting part there is the villain use the same style as Kenshin. The last arc, which is shown in the anime, the magic dude arc which is a letdown. The only movies left they can do after this last one, it’s either a prequel which I feel a samurai flick as shown in the OVA and my favorite due to the love story, and the supposed ending which shown in the OVA but despite melodramatic and very emotional ending, the author discredit it.

Of course, if they can make a spinoff about Seijuro Hiko’s story, why not! hahaha

Everybody is excited about the last film which it will be shown on Sept.24.. I don’t care waiting in a long line again. Definitely!!!!

I felt that Warner Bros Japan is doing a good job at doing adaptations recently huh.. From Berserk to this except for Black Butler. They should do more of this in other source materials or better yet well, invest more. Better yet, our cinemas should release more Japanese flicks. I’m quite biased. hehe

The Epic battle awaits.


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