Ring! Ring!

(last part!)

At last, we arrived for the final part of this big place..
Paseo de Roxas street corner Ayala Ave houses some of the well known BPO/call centers. Don’t be suprised if you see all the biggest banks in the country, situated their headquarters here at this prestigous street.
Philam Life tower – well, great looking tower! This where JP Morgan chase first center which I’m not sure if its still there. It has infosys, Lexmark but I’m not sure if they hire. hehe Recently Xerox is now there, it’s inhouse and I don’t know how they recruit. However what I know is that center has combination of call center and backoffice, but it’s US time shift so, night shift is their main work time. Food, or everything you need is pretty satisfied in this place as it is near salcedo village and Ayala Triangle, and more convenient stores, count Paseo square as well.
After some strolling around, passing thru the headquarters of banks plus the Paseo Square, you’ll see Citibank.
Citibank Tower – It houses one of the offices of Citibank Philippines which they also have one at Eastwood, don’t be confused with the one at PBCOM tower because that is for their international accounts. In this building, I know some centers situated here. Medicall but now Cognizant which has an insurance US account. Pointwest IT company, a homegrown company which it has also a center in UP technohub. I took a test there and it was hard! I’ll get my redemption sometime. hehe Citibank for the local soil, which usually open for office positions. At the outside, you thought it’s kinda old but once you get in, it looks great. hehe So this one is fine.
After this building, you’ll pass Atrium building for BIR, PAG-IBIG Makati offices, piece of advise, if your numbers are registered in this offices, come early! Then at the end of Makati Ave, you’ll see another famous street. My first workplace in Makati.
Buendia! I’ll just give a rundown of the offices you’ll see here. BPI tower which houses some BPI’s departments and local call center. Not outsourced. It also has Eperformax which is a BPO/call center handling some US accounts. You almost see them at malls, having recruitment kiosk. They offer outstanding benefits but accounts they handle seem to be passing by, come and go. I’m surprised they are still alive. hahahaha
Reposo/N.Garcia st. houses well, my first job, at ePLDT or now they are called SPI Global. I’m not sure if Dish network is still there but let me tell you simple. Just stay away from that center! hehe Although they have great medical benefits, one of the best. But compenben? Nope!
Going to Edsa, you’ll see Startek, hmmmm they handle more US accounts and lastly, VXI which has I’m not sure Zoom money remittance and I’m not sure if they still have outbound hard core accounts. I’m also surprised they are still there. hehe
Makati was my first place of work and it was confusing at first because of the big place. But in the long run, once you know all the bus stops, terminal, stop lights or even MAPSA guarads, it’s an easy place to go. If you have less budget for food, there is jollijeep! hehe Don’t forget the pares stations especially if you are really in a tight budget for food. There are convenient stores, malls, and a lot more! You should know all the jeep routes to avoid getting lost or going into the wrong place. If you have a car, be very extra careful due to high parking fees and yes, traffic violations, because all the security guards here has a right to confiscate your license. Beware of yellow dudes, yellow and white guards and even the barangay patrol, they can confiscate your license. Penalties are high here..
What is great here in Makati, it is a central business district that all kinds of transportation coming from all parts of the metro and even from far south, comes here. All kinds of BPO/call center jobs, you can choose here. Just please avoid the rush hour because of very tight traffic especially in the rainy season and a lot of road work. At first when you are working here, I’ll not be surprised if you get lost a lot of times. hehehe
I’m just worried in the future of this place because of the high taxes that this city imposes to business or companies, they might transfer to other cities. There are streets here looks barren because business or stores closed or transferred already to other cities such as BGC or even in my place at QC. They should lower their taxes and other charges to avoid such transfers, or worse unemployment. I hope that the family runs in Makati don’t just show their faces to prepare in the next election, they just need to work it out. Please just don’t take BGC, coz, ehem.. Corruption might get into their heads and traffic will just get worse.
Anyway, whew… I’m done with this place. Will I come back to this place to work again? No problem, as long the price and sked is right! hahaha

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