crushes: Ayase Haruka

As my admiration with Japan grows, the country, culture or even “kawaii” and some weird stuff they make, it all started when I’m watching tv shows, reading news and especially looking their films. Well, while watching one of the films, Ichi for example, a blind woman who has a particular deadly sword skills, I was just staring at this girl. She looks poorly dressed but she has that beautiful face in some scenes and shots. 

After watching it, I searched google and I just shouted wow! She’s the bomb! hahaha Then that’s the time, I kinda addicted to watch her films, whatever role she is. I’m lucky to watch one at Eiga Sai in her FA role in happy flight. She played it fun and kinda dumb but she definitely can work as FA with that looks and radiant face.

Then some of her films despite supporting or leading role, I kinda followed and can’t imagine that face of a real japanese beauty. Just the right tone skin plus round eyes with I think she has perfect lips and I love her in short hair like in the movie cyborg she. She looks good even less or without make up. Looks great in a kimono and she has that look of sophistication and demure if that’s the right word. Her body? Simply perfectly curvy, perfect from her previous work as Gravure model! hahaha Great thing she did not go to well, the JAV route.  Compare other east asian or even some hollywood actresses,  I’ll choose her!

Of course, she is not perfect. I mean acting wise, she needs to do more of mature roles. Besides she is getting old but thanks to her looks she can do young roles. But compare to her contemporaries like Hirosue, Nakama or even other younger actresses who can do much, she needs to improve her acting or get roles that will make her grow. Hmmm I just don’t like the shape of her nose. I don’t know why. hehe Another thing, actually this is  for all beautiful and great japanese actresses, they just need to learn english to get international stardom or success. I mean I’ll put them than chinese or korean actresses who can speak english because they are more beautiful in the screen. For example Memoirs of a Geisha, other than Zhang Ziyi, I’ll just put Haruka instead if she can only speak english. Geez.

For now, I just have a big crush of this lady. Interesting to see a beautiful actress on screen, even just staring and don’t care what is she talking about. hahaha Beautiful..

As her name suggest, spring and distance, distant from others! =)

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