classics: Talking Heads Stop Making Sense

The only song I knew from Talking Heads is burning down the house. I have no idea about them and when I’m just searching in about them and they have a film. Directed by Jonathan Demme of Silence of the Lambs, comes this wonderful rock concert film. Can you believe this was released as free in some film, I don’t that’s what says. Fantastic free film. 

The only thing I did not like or a minor flaw about this flick, was no backstage footages which most concert specials have. But I don’t mind anyway about those backstage or backstory scenes, music matters.

What I love about this film was the pace of it. I mean it started slow and as the band is setting up and tuning, the sounds is getting better. Song after song, the energy is getting high, performance becoming great and you see the effort that this band do every song. Another thing, the less crowd shots. I mean I did not mind really the crowd, I’m just envy them watching this kind of concert of those days. You can see that Talking Heads made songs that not only was catchy but more of an art and poetic. I am surprised that David Byrne was that good of writing or creating songs. Don’t forget the bass lady, and great drummer then you add the other members from rhythm and synths, with great back up singers which I saw already in 20 feet of stardom documentary. Without the crowd shots, the focus was at this band and I know already why they were one of the best bands.

Another of course, the band itself, how they sang the songs, especially thank you for sending an angel which was way better in this film than the original song. Psycho Killer, wow! Simply fantastic different style. Burning down the house, and This must be the place were really nostalgic, especially the latter which I thought I’m watching MTV. All other songs made impact and my favorite of all, Once in a lifetime. I can’t believe that song is not only great but how they performed it. A lot of artistry and emotions. Great song, very ironic.  Don’t forget the big suit worn in that concert. Kinda weird but fun. I want that!

Lastly, give credit to the Director and crew with special credit to David Byrne for the set up of the stage and even the lights used for the songs. Damn, if all rock concerts not really the same set up but just the vibe and energy they bring for each song, that concert is worth watching. Only few can do that these days, I can say the Killers, or Radiohead and some, but well, I know..

Stop making sense.

It’s sad that this band did not really stay together long, a common stigma for those other great bands.


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