Eye of the Beholder

I haven’t been in this place for a long time. A very long time.. Hmmm everything changed, a facade of the past still shows in the activity plaza. High street brands at the bottom then now at the second floor, food and electronics section come together. Lightning is great at night. My favorite CBTL branch still stands and a it is still a great place to chill or have a date with someone. Whatever date that you can think of perhaps. Surprisingly, the activity center became between bare an vibrant. I mean there are now few shops than before, due to the new buildings outside of this center. Vibrant because it has a new paint job, another great lighthing job and few people going around. Well it’s Wednesday night so maybe that’s the reason only few people roams around here. Traffic outside is still the same or maybe worse at the real rush hours. 

The crowd never changed. There are the high society, koreans, simple people, executives and a lot of greens. They are the leaves and trees surrounding this place. Don’t forget other nationals such as the caucasian dude passed by me. He returned and a bit lost.

How few people are here? I see more sales staff roaming than the crowd itself or maybe because I’m in a place where few pass by. While waiting for her, I’m thinking I just love staying at the south. Everything looks somewhat elegant yet not crowded or very expensive staying here. Except of course you need to take tricycle to just get out of a village. A lot patience due to the pathetic traffic you encounter everyday. Oh please just don’t come here at holidays. It’s traffic hell.

Everything is accessible, beautiful people and less flooding. Someday I’ll see if I have chance staying here for a long time. Again..

3 ladies still thinking where to go and they went to my right including to a different group which has a kinda good looking lady foreigner. Yes, I love it here. Sight seeing fills my boredom. Maybe I should send a follow up text to her.

Anyway, as rainy season is now ongoing its getting itchy here because of flies. As much I love cold weather, I hate 3 things in this season, flies, strong rains and my dermatitis going back. In summer those are the only things I like because they are not happening.. Not a chance.

This is also the place I see rich people wear simple yet expensive clothing. You can see the brands at what they wear. Geez.. They do have a lot of money.

Another caucasian passed which I saw earlier, a different dude, seems lost as well.

Will she show up? Hmmmm I don’t know yet. Oh yeah I use to see celebrities strolling around here but for today, I’m in a wrong day. Sundays definitely they’ll show up. Don’t be surprised when someone looks plain or naive, speaks great english.

Just minutes left and I’m out of here. But it’s a really refreshing going back to this place.

A vibrant place here in the south.


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