Ring! Ring!


(part four)

It is near that I can finish this damn place.

Insular Building – One of the oldest building in the country. Built around 1930’s besides the airport, or actually it’s an airport along Ayala Ave. before, after those years, Ayala Ave. is now one of the leading business districts or premier center in the country. It houses the Insular group of companies which they serve insuraces. 24/7 has a site here which I’m not sure still stands. CVG has also a training center situated here which I’m not sure if they still conduct trainings here. Be careful using the elevator especially going down… It really goes downwards especially at the ground floor. Due to it’s old structure, don’t be surprised about ghost stories here, like in the chapel and basement.. Let me tell you, it is damn scary. hahahha There are food stalls and restos like Jollibee, Chowking, Yellow cab, and Gerry’s, not sure about Chicboy here if still runs.

If you have 5 minutes left before logging in and you are at the bottom, you’ll be late for sure! hahaha

After Insular, go accross to it, you’ll see BPI building then another big building as well across to it.

Enterprise Center – This good looking building in Ayala houses some of the big companies such as Sun Life, a department of BPI, Macquarie financial, Phillip Morris, a lot of derma clinics, and other companies that I haven’t heard of. Well, the food stalls here are quite expensive and the only cheapest you can go is at Jollibee. I’m not sure if Sun Life is still here, CVG used to have a center here but it was transferred already. Great thing about this place? It’s just looks beautiful inside and out.

MSE – Makati Stock Exchange is what it means, for now they are situated at the heart of Ayala Ave but at the long run, they will transfer to BGC. It houses almost all the stock brokerages, it has a Globe center, and a branch of BPI. It also has the famous Ayala Triangle for eating, running, and sometimes fun events. I’m not sure if Accenture has a service center here but one call center is here, Credit Corp.

I did not pass in Credit Corp which I don’t know why but I thought it was fine. They do is Skip Tracing for clients who has bad debt customers. You’ll need to trace and contact these deliquent customers to any means necessary such as internet, FB, blogs if they write one, paying bills, moving to a different address or even recent purchases they did under their name. If you found them, call them in any means, and collect as high you can be. They are inhouse company which I do heard Credit Corp when I worked as financial services rep. What’s the good thing here? If we celebrate Philippine holiday, they don’t have work. If Australia has a holiday, take a leave as well. All of those holidays are paid. It means, one month of a whole year, you accumulated easy paid leave. Also, they only have one schedule, 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Hiring was difficult I mean, first test is a phone interview with work simulation then final was an interview with an Australian National. Geez, I did a poor job in the interview and did not pass. Sad but true. I thought it is a hard work but great thing I did not pass.

Hay, at least, I’ll make sure this place is done at part five.


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