X-Men: Days of the Future Past

Of course, a real fact that once you are in the future, you cannot change the past unless you have such power or ability. However, if we are talking about saving the mankind from such desolate future, the only way you can do, change the past. All means..

As much I want to give the story away, this spot won’t be enough to cover basic premise. But what can I say, the story they did for this X-Men flick is the best. Despite complex story arc, they gave so much effort to tell a simple story and not going anywhere as the movie goes along.

First of all, what I did not like about the film, but it’s a minor flaws which are forgivable. Very forgivable.. Hmmm first the quicksilver role was cut short! They got the rights for the life of Magneto and Quicksilver, why cut short? Geez, maybe they can have him in Xmen for a while. Besides, he joined I forgot which group, either Xfactor, Xcalibur, or Xforce. I don’t know. But the actor was great as quicksilver especially in that fun sequence and how his power shown in this film. Another flaw but this was due to that time travelling arc, I can say, Cyclops or Jean Grey should be really included in this line up. Even Iceman and Angel, they were the first Xmen so they did not make an effort to really include them. Cable can be included in the future or even Forge. There were characters that fans know it should be there in the major plot but nah, it’s not there. This had some great cameos anyway in the end.

Give the first credit to Bryan Singer, despite those bad publicity.. He was able to assemble not only a large cast, but able to put the story right, and the effects, effective. No need for 3D effects. That’s why after Matthew Vaughn, Bryan Singer is indeed the next fit director. I was thinking, while watching the film, as much I want Matt Vaughn directing this flick, I thought he’s directing the future due to the graphic action and visuals of the setting. Bryan is the one doing the past, 70’s period which is not bad although it has the less action. But still, give credit to him. I love that first scene twist!

Second thing the effects used in this flick is fantastic! Especially the powers used in the future, wow, if it added some gore, that is Xmen! But it’s fine, from powers of pyro, Iceman, Bishop, that teleporting chinese lady, hmm Kitty as that mind teleport and even Magneto despite of Ian’s old age. Wow, and the sentinels of course! Even they don’t look like one showing in the comics or that cartoons, with a little explanation, I’m convinced those are mean Sentinels.

Third, screenplay, the right talent and logic used in this film. I mean it has flaws, all time travelling flicks has that flaw of environment or setting flaws, but this one like my friend said, erased Last Stand. They were able to connect to important storylines into a great ride. I hope they just include the first part of the film in first class and make the second part of this film longer with a lot of thrills and action but well, that’s my suggestion. However, the pace is not a single boring at all. The longest Xmen flick indeed and I was not bored at all, despite switching time scenes. I loved a lot of scenes, like how Professor X regained his hope through talking his future self. I love that scene. How about that scene where Wolverine lost his future self and talking his 70’s self then switch it back, that’s not easy to do. There were a lot of scenes I want to share with but just watch this!!!

Last and the biggest factor why this Xmen flick worked great? The ensemble of actors. At first, when they announced they will combine the past and present Xmen actors, I was liked this might flop. But hey, with the great factors I mentioned above, then add the great cast from First Class and the great cast from the previous Xmen, the interactions showing and Wolverine really well done a great job setting this film in the right path, despite, Bishop is the one used in the comics. I’m sold, stoked and breathless as this film going. I was surprised that Mystique gave the lead of this flick, then how the relationship of Prof X and Magneto really works on and off, give credit to James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. No small characters went to waste, even Nixon’s look alike is great. All the characters despite small screen time, made prescence felt. As much, we want more, then they should make a TV series instead like others do, such as Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.

There are a lot of great films this summer, except for Spidey 2, but for now, this one really stands out! Can’t wait for the next one, which as you saw, the Apocalypse. That would be massive arc and they should not omit important characters. Please!!!

Now, hmmmm after this film, I was more satisfied after watching Maleficent free. =)


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