Faithful Thee

Wow, just celebrated earlier 4th of the Feast PICC seems made me old. Hehe Ah kahit namis ko around 4 months na di makapunta ng feast and CG due to some errands and trainings, parang wala ako namiss. =)

For the past 3 years I never thought na ill be move into joining a community, more so participating events. Hahaha Serving as well. Like in my previous posts, marami na nagawa sa kin ang LOJ and it seems nagiging close pa ko kay Jesus. I still consider myself an infant into growing in faith. However, as I grow or the relationship with Him, there were things happening that I didn’t expect na good or bad coming soon and yet I still feel blessed. Kahit minsan eh nagiinggit or I feel down myself na di ko naachieve eto or bakit ako di ganun, parang after sometime, ok na ko. I’m fine and weel through reflection, prayer and works.
In those 3 years, nalaman ko na din yun pasikot sikot in the community even the topics discussed whether its modified, rehashed or reinstated. Minsan nga one talk eh naisip ko, parang nasabi na yun sometime eh. Hehe O paranag narinig ko na yan somewhere. But hey, God’s love is always constant. His word can be interpreted in so may ways but it will be always has the same meaning. =) Do not be afraid, continue to believe, and love life!
Kamiss na din magCG. Hehe Ah kahit ako eh head na, mukhang di pa ko ready. Haha well sometimes Jesus delays some task to give time na prepare. Ika nga its your availability, not ability. Eh sakto nga kasi this time of the year, may mga changes mangyayari sa kin kaya salamat delay muna. Pero I don’t like delaying too long. Let me serve. =)
I can proudly say I haven’t reach full renewal yet. Yes gaya ng sabi ko, infant pa lang ang journey ko as I grow in my faith, but Im very grateful that I really enjoying such road to conversion and renewal. Mahirap talaga lalo maraming challenges and temptations, even worries.. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop me to change my path.
I know that in this journey, I am with my savior, redeemer and shepherd.. Why stop now?
It’s only the beginning. =) I won’t be this firm sa faith if I missed that invitation 3 years ago. Now, I’m very grateful to be part in this ministry and looking forward in the future for greater glory that God prepared not only for me or even close people o kahit sa community, but for all of us!
Thank you to LOJ, ah from builders, preachers, ministries and all the servants. May we always be the Light to others by being like Jesus perhaps. =) We hope we can achieve the mission of a thousand feasts. Hehe From glory to glory…
One suggestion, I think in the PICC feast, hmmm we need a bigger place. A lot bigger. Haha


Oh God..

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