Fix at Six!

Dapat Ring! Ring! ulit ang post ko, pahinga muna this month. hahaha

Nawala yun internet ko, nagkaproblema pa well sa ibang bagay pero good thing is, blogging is six years old! Wow.. Six years of pure I don’t know, rants.  Joys. Heartaches. Failures. Disappointment. Hope. Faith. Love. Life.

I can’t anymore enumerate words that can describe how writing kinda help me to be steady in life. But siyempre, di pwede habang buhay na steady lang. hahaha Kailangan mag grow na din. =)

Yun look nitong site na to, after some ergonomics and met someone that might fix it eh magagawa ko na. Di lang agad agad. That will include wordpress na din. hehe Damn pagdating sa design and stuff, I’m so pathetically not talented.

ah yun isang site ko, malabo pa this year, pero next year possibility due to some err changes in life. You’ll see. hehe So kinda of focus at the things I need to finish first.

New topics might emerge and some things might be revealed. Depende. hehe Yes, despite writing for 6 years, I haven’t reveal all of it. I don’t plan to do it anyway. hahaha

Definitely, I’ll fix this posting, even in the smallest grammar o spelling medyo aayusin ko na ng mabuti.

Una pala siyempre yun aking net connection. Ah kahit infinite eh naisip ko, iba pa din ang true connection. hehe But sulit ang infinite ha, isang bayad ka lang. hahaha

What else? Hmmmm Just more feedback I guess and readers. Yun lang.

By the way, if there are followers or readers here, I just want to thank you from the deepest of my heart. Naks ang sweet. hehe I’ll do my best to write more or for a different topic. If there is anything you want to suggest, feel free na message me. Like yun sonnets vs. haikus, well, I did it with fervor, it just di lang nagtagal. hahaha

Thanks to all for the support or feedback given, kahit nega or good, ok lang. =) I’ll just improve.

I’ll do my best to put pictures! hahaha Pero depende, nagstart na ko sa Movie reviews. =)

Thanks to God for such not only blessing, but a gift. 6 years is darn fast, at that time, I’m so morbid and broken but one of the tools that helped me healed, you are looking at it!

Thanks siyempre sa family, friends, acquiantances, ah experiences, places I visit, food that I ate and everything that I can sense. It served inspiration to this writing. =)

Naisip ko din, parang kaya ko ata magsulat ng libro. hahaha Like Ring! Ring!, geez, dapat maiksi lang yun, lintek, isang taon ko na sinusulat!

Ah what else, hmmmm wala na. Salamat pala sa mga nagchismax. hehe

O siyempre, thanks to my ever reliable, desktop computer!

I can’t believe pa grade one na pala tong bata. hehe

Seventh Haven?


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