When I heard the news that this iconic Japanese monster will be remade again, I just felt bad and have a errie feeling it may flop again. Director is quite unknown, Gareth Edwards (not the Raid director) and the cast is lead by the Kick Ass dude, Aaron Johnson with Elisabeth Olsen, with notable actors such Bryan Crankston, Sally Hawkins, Ken Watanabe, Juliette Binoche and David Straithrn. It really sounds like that 90’s movie.  Great cast, looks good but crap. Well, it’s not all bad with it’s rockin OST.

That feeling changed when I first saw the teaser and trailers, it looks like they might nail it.

2 hours later, it is good. Almost great! It’s like Pacific Rim last year. Although this is a remake.

The great things about this film was the built up made to have Godzilla shows up. The right pace. Although it’s a bad thing which I’ll explain below, well the momentum builds, suspense is tight and the teasers were just right to make Godzilla entry to this film.  Another thing I liked is well, how the human characters meshed with the story and how it evolves especially when the monsters came out. It’s like one of my favorites, Cloverfield which it has this authentic human emotional element that really works in the film. Unlike in the first remake. You can give credit to the direction of how the effects, sound and actors became a good mix for this movie. Monsters was his first film which I haven’t really watch it although I have it, he used the same style in this film.

When you have Alexander Desplat as your musical score director, which I was surprised when I saw in the credits, you will hear great musical score in the film. One of his works was in The Queen which I love, King’s speech and Argo, I was surprised he also done a musical score in of my faves as well, A prophet. I just realized, one scene there I loved and it has that score fit in that scene, he done that. Anyway, how he gave music in this film is awesome and you can feel that terror and suspense at the moments where chaos is happening, with Godzilla of course.

Of course, like Pacific Rim, I love the effects used in the film. The propotion of real big buildings to the gigantic size of the monsters is very real. If I have just enough money, it’s worth seeing this in imax. I guess..  The explosions, the fighting and sequences that were crazy like that train track scene, it was shot perfectly. Wow, I had even moments I shouted at that scenes where shadow of Godzilla or the enemy mito just showing behind men, it’s just perfect build up.

There were let downs, might affected the value of this flick. The Japanese were lucky of course, they were the first ones saw this. Better be. I agreed with their sentiments such as it took one hour or almost half of the film showing Godzilla, it’s quite long. I mean they could made it like 30-45 mins of build up then fight goes in. However, I almost tire out of waiting and going into that well, human story arc.

Another one I agreed with the Japs, the fighting is a bit, well that’s PG rating for you. Not much gore between monsters except how Godzilla killed the two monsters. But that’s it. The biting, slapping or catching is simply even no wounds shown between fights unlike Pacific Rim. Well, that’s a letdown.

All actors done a good job, I just hope David’s scene speech was cut out in the main film, which is weird because in the trailer, that’s what I was drawn to it. His voice and that chaotic parts, it was cut off. Bryan and Juliette as long I love the characters but it was very short. Geez. Gotta love Aaron Johnson and Elisabeth Olsen, very simple roles yet they gave it that much to make it believable and like them as a couple. Can’t wait to see them as twins in Avengers 2. The most not really notable role, unfortunately it was Ken Watanabe.

Damn, all his scenes has only one face expression, confused, scared, and worried. No change! How about David as well who I don’t see as a menacing general although I like his voice.

Indeed, I gotta wait this in home video, get the bluray or 1080p version of it and enjoy the madness of this great monster. By the way, Japs kinda did not like this fat Godzilla. I like it, it looks really huge, and almost the same with the original it’s just, it has fat neck. Another surprise, our country might have fossil of these monsters. Did they shoot some scenes here? Wow, very secretive shooting done here. If they do. But the looks of it, I don’t think they shot some scenes here, really we do have a big mine like that?

I loved this than Amazing Spiderman 2, because of the story and effects used it well. Very well.

Hail to the King of monsters indeed. Not that lizard looking one.


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