A crossroad month.

It is, and now, parang it will start someting to define myself over the course of the year. 4 months almost done, very fast.

This month, fruitful naman except sa pesteng QA. hehe First time na lahat may update nangyari sa process eh dahil sa nakitang kong mali, at inayos ko naman, mali daw sabi ng QA. Pero yun update na lang at tama pala ginawa ko. Galing! hahaha

I was able to spend holy week in a weird yet more solemn way. Did not really push myself into spiritual searching or soul searching stuff pero it gave me time para to reflect and rest. Enough to really check what should I do in the coming weeks. Or months.

Searching for better opportunities also came along, pero unlucky. Oh God, just give me hope. hehe
Then recently, worse comes worse, a move out might, or will happen. Well, kahit gusto ko gawin lahat para di mangyari, gusto niya yun, wala naman kami choice. Unless, that changes. It will be hard for me, for us.
Brokenness will come into full circle if this push through.

All I do, I just lift up to Him. Sakto talaga ang Holy Week. =)

NBA playoffs, crazy as ever, para wala naman kwenta ang home court advantage which is good. hehe PBA playoffs eh sobrang gulo, lahat na malakas na team sa papel, una na nagbora! hahaha

What else, baka malapit na din ako magreformat. Kailangan eh para bumilis ang Iron Maiden.

Next month? We’ll see, we might enjoy the last days, in this kindred place…


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