Going into holy week eh naisip ko, ang bilis naman ng 3 months ng taon. 

At di pa ko nakakakilos. Naman. hehe

This month naman, well, I think and believe, time to move.

Move into somewhere better.

Move my arse to become healthy. hehe

Move on to a good place.

Ah, this month, it’s a month of survival. From sa work na pwede mas humarap due to some well, mga nagpaparamdam. hehe

House naman, adjustment sa ibang bagay.

My life, eto nga, masimulan na nga. Napagiwanan na bigla. At isama pa ang mainit na panahon.. Pero this month, at last, makakapahinga na din after months  of doing all the stuff and making ends meet. I’m quite tired. Not quite pala, kinda soft word.

Very tired pala..

Pero sa ngayon, isipin ko na lang na at mamotivate na lang na tuloy ang dapat gawin and better to spend the holy week, with Him. Just to clear things and focus on the good things.

Instead of frowning or just daydreaming of something.

It is time to move my arse. =)

Can’t believe na medyo maiiksi na mga post ko ha. Wala na kasi masyado makwento. hehe

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