Prayer for Family

I pray for my Family, for my loving parents. For my Mom and Dad who are quite sick. For Dad, less stress and please give him a good health always. Check out to him especially in his condition. To Mom, please help her always. Please let her know to enjoy life despite in this situation. For both of them, I hope and pray that one day, even they are not together, they will forgive each other and have peace for the rest of their lives.

To all the siblings, to continue help and look of each other despite the problems or struggles we face. To Kuya Allan, help him to be productive and provide for his son. To Ate Aila, please help her in her financial difficulties and take care of her as well and her family. To Kuya Alpro, help him to move on on what happened, bless him with more opportunities to move up and make up. Please help his family as well and bless them. To Algerro, I continue to pray for wisdom that he can be as happy and peaceful everyday. If you can help him to live normally, that will be great. For me, you know what I always pray for.  To all members of the family, I continue to pray for blessings and forgiveness. May we serve you always oh God and we live
through your love and grace.

Please bless us as always.

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