300: Rise of an Empire

What happened when the bravest 300 spartans led by the great King Leonidas sacrificed their lives to save Greece from tyranny and slavery?

This might be the answer. Don’t forget how Xerxes became or proclaimed himself God King. Who led Greeks to fight over this conquering empire?

I was in a mad rush to really watch this sequel despite not so good reviews or previews. I also decided to use my globe points to have the price of ticket low.

Hour and a half later, I’m relieved because of two things. I used the discount wisely to lessen the agony, and the reviews were right. hehe
It’s a pre/sequel at the same time. Simple story, it shows the first invasion of persian empire and how Themistocles rose to the occassion, defeated the invasion. It also shows how Xerxes was deceived by his lead naval commander, the beautiful and cunning Artemisia to charge the empire of conquering countries and attack Greece again. It also shows, unfortunately with an abrupt ending how all Greeks unite and start to defeat the Persian Empire.

That’s it. The story is much more wider unlike the famed predeccessor, however nothing notable about it.
The great things about this film? First the visuals, this is more detailed than the first film. From the flashes of war torn Greece, the first scene of attack running through mud, the naval war attack scenes despite enormous amount of CGI used for water.  Slow motion scenes were used correct in some scenes. Another great thing, hmmmm despite 7 plus years from the first film, actors from the first film did not look old or I don’t know how they done it but they look indeed just happened yesterday. Point of example, Xerxes.

Last great thing, Eva Green stole the film. Her character was made perfect as the backstory worked and of course, the actress gave life to a very very mad woman. That’s why despite her beautiful stature, no men dare to take advantage of her because they know what will happen for such defiance. hehe Wow, I can’t wait to see her at Sin City 2!

Not so good things at this film. The director tried to really have a sequel or copy what Zack Snyder did, but he failed. Actions scenes were not clear, too much use of CGI blood, and most of all, you want to see how Greeks stand together soon to finish off the empire, but like I said, it was abrupt. To be continued.

It has also too much dialogue and character devolpment was kinda lame for the lead athenian army or most of the characters. Themosticles is somewhere between brave and stupid. Brave charging forward but when one small thing fails, he’s confused and his acting or his character has that one expression for the whole film. He’s tired and exasperated. Although what I like about him, he’s quite very very lucky.
Editing was kinda poor as you what to see more of previous 300, they deviated that and it focuses more of the development of the empire as the title suggest yet indeed not really interested of that.

I really also found lack of depth in the distressed state of the lead army. I mean the feeling of soldiers from the start, they just want to fight and not brave enough unlike the first 300. Despite they will die, but you know the feeling they will do this for the many.
In this film, I don’t feel that. Sad indeed.

One thing, but it’s not the films fault. MTRCB’s fault. They cut two scenes, one of them is important, and that scene I knew when you have Eva Green in the film. Not because a trademark but it’s just most of her films has this. hehehe

R-16 then cut that scene? What for?

Well, I thought this film is best when this was included in the first film and that first film make it like 3 hours. Editing will be hard but for me, that will be better like in one scene spartans are fighting then athenians are fighting at one side. Then there might be a scene Artemisia and Leonidas meet. hehe Naval scenes back to back with the hot gates fighting scene, then Zack is the director of that one epic, that will be awesome. That is a full grand story then the sequel will be like the fall of the empire.
Simple right? But well..

They went to the money making route.

Bad route.

It’s like blood flowing in the Aegean Sea.


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