crushes: Saoirse Ronan

I always see her name in british films, not a lot but for the big ones. Namely the first I saw was Atonement. Despite that film’s well depressing and slow mood, and you have 2 beautiful looking lead stars, I kinda focused to her. 

Until now, I don’t know how to really pronounce her name, Saoirse? I looked at wiki and her name says it means freedom, and she pronounce it as Irish Sir-sha.. Huh?

I don’t care. =) I kinda followed her in other films, notably Hanna. Despite a very thin figure at that film due to her stunts, running and fighting.. Include of course, that her role in the film to be deadly, she still delivered that innocent teenager image. She stand out in that film besides Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett. I was focused of course, in her angelic face, immaculate complexion, and one of the most beautiful blue eyes I saw in an actress.. Ever.. Wow, that made me like get more films that has her on it.

Although not complete yet, I already have byzantium, the host, How I live Now, Violet and Daisy then I should get The Lovely Bones,  and even critically panned The host!

What is the great thing about her, despite her great looks, her acting shows first in the film then her looks leaves you a stamp in your mind that I should follow her. hahaha Her acting so versitile, that you can agree with her role like in Violet and Daisy. She is a teenager assasin despite the film’s kinda lack of action, when her scenes come out, I do understand her role as a struggling teenager enjoying her teenage life at the same time, need to do her work as a killer. She’s speaking american accent at the same time. Wow from thick Irish accent, then switching to american accent, that’s very difficult.

Despite almost perfect actress she is now, I just want her to improve in two things. I know she is just 19 but I hope she will look more built. I mean I don’t like seeing her end up like Keira that very thin that you might end up thinking she is sick. I don’t want her end up like that, as her most films suggest. So I hope she’ll bulk not a lot, but just right. Another one, get more films that have a light tone, not the Host. hehe But comedy, or light story well there is one, The Grand Budapest Hotel. I hope she’ll do more of it and it will help her not only financially, maybe artistically, Rom-Com will be good for her. One example, hmmmm About time, Rachel Mcadams is such a miscast there, Saoirse should be the one there to make the good movie into a great one.

Well, with all this features she has and great thing almost no intrigues about her life, she will become one of the best actress in years to come. I am fond of few british actresses, and she is one that I really love.
Until now, hmmm how can I call her? Or shout her name?

It sounds like a panda or a bear. =)


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