After checking my list and counters sa blogspot and wordpress, never in my wildest dreams to reach this mark!!! hahaha

I wonder to myself, why am I keep writing? 

Why I’m not running out of topics to discuss kahit nagbawas na ko ng post every month?

Is it passion? Hmmmm yah. I’m a crazy man talking to his self.

Is it for fame? I’m not famous. hahaha

Is it for profit? How I wish.. hehehe But doing this for years and still not earned anything yet. But learning to do it due to well, distress..

Is it for love? Love for myself, love to others, Love God, Love Jesus, Love life. Despite a lot of hate around us.

Is it for something to reach? To prove? Hmmm I just realize I can write kahit di naman ako nagsusulat in school. Geez.. hehe I’m quiet but when I write, parang ang daldal ko pala. Di ko alam why.

Is this going to end? From my motivation before to release stress, dissappointment or even hatred, but that has changed.. Maybe it’s a tool or avenue of putting in record my life or how I view it. Through different ways, such as rants, reviews, films, music, o kahit food o kahit mga pangarap ko o lalo na yun mga nangyari na sa buhay ko. Maybe an inspiration to others or make someone hate you or even dissed you..
Anything goes. I don’t really mind. What I do mind..

At least someone knows. It will only end when I wake up one day or I felt that I’m done, stop this anymore. Not dictated by somebody else. Only me that I’ll decide.

Is there going to be another blog? There is but di pa ngayon kasi this year I’m in kinda transition phase so after that and if everything is in place, mayroon pa. Sure na yun is about film.. But ayusin ko muna tong blog ko. Magulo, looks crap and pale. hahahaha Great thing, a couple of people might help me design this better. Just to become viral or marami magvisit o mangbwisit o kahit magcomment.. Please not bots.

Is there a message you want to leave for the readers after this milestone?

Just keep reading. Thanks for your precious time dropping here my friend!!!!!!!

Will go for another thousand more? I think I answered that. hehe

Oo nga pala, I need to have a copy of all my posts. hahahaha

Safekeeping kuno. Para makasigurado lang. Mahirap din magsulat na wala man ako copy.

I won’t mind the numbers or stats or whatever..

Just keep writing.

Moving forward.


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