Damn I haven’t done this for a long time. Being away from my comfort things and stuff. Or let’s say reducing the usual stuff that makes me happy or comfortable such as playing DOTA or watching my own film fest. A lot of things limiting besides playing or watching, I need to really focus on reading and learning again. Oh by the way, I’m not really going out even with my closest friends before. 

I just want to be isolated here. My simple sanctuary, my room. Great thing, Bro is not here despite I’m quite prepared for him but it made easier when he left. Thank God. I can just look at the things at hand. I know these small sacrifices are worth it especially when I reach my dream which is just past that certification and from there, bigger things will come.

I know it will be difficult for me, but I have no other choice. But to strive hard and work it out, despite I have not studying accounting for a decade coupled with a computer program that involves accounting. Geez, I know my knack for computer applications, the trial and error mindset will not work. I might need help.

However, no one is free to help me. So, I need to just look around for more source of help. Books will be a great start.

Music will be silenced when studying. Thoughts should be at the topic at hand not wandering into something bright or going into abyss.

Even texting is limited which is fine.. Nobody bothers me to check anyway unless there is something important or lovely.

Oh dear God, maybe with this utter desertion, it’s between you and me. If you can just lend me such wisdom to know all of this in just 2 to 3 weeks, that will be wonderful. I know you gave me such challenge that I can overcome. You have faith in me, and love me.. Maybe, I’ll just bank on that.
For now, while writing this, I already thinking headaches in the coming weeks because it will not only be information overload that’ll getting but more of a nerve wracking excercise.

But great thing in Isolation, when I’m alone and at peace, feeling of anxiety or despair won’t bother me a bit. It will happen if I did not do my best. So I should do my best here.

For the Glory.

Perhaps, love will be a great companion to this isolation.

Not feeling alone when you’re in love. =)


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