Punks Not Dead

I know to myself that my preferred genre in music is Rock. Well, from my nursery years going forward, I get used to listen to new wave 80’s! Then going to high school, that was like the years of grudge and punk stuff. Although I still listen to new wave and New Order then became deeper due to some personal issues, I listened to Joy Division. An escape from daily conflicts and enjoying the dark lyrics of such band.

As I grew up and became aware of their type of sound, well they started as a punk band. At their time at around 1970’s Manchester, they were awesome bands such as Sex Pistols, The Clash and Buzzcocks.  When they toured in the US which I don’t have the exact band, that started the US punk bands.

I became older and curious which are those bands, I found out such as The Ramones, Minor Threat, and that’s it. But well, great thing, there is a documentary for this!

First of all, what is punk rock? Well, with all the genres about rock from Hard Rock, Alternative, Grundge, Pop or Slow, or there is also Goth/Emo type, NuMetal, and a lot of varieties. Punk is kinda different from all of it. You see, other types of rock well they kinda only differ in rhythm or pace they use. For Punk, all you need are trashy lyrics, at least one bassist, one lead, vocalist and a simple drummer and a lot of energy!
This documentary really made punk music easy to understand. From those UK great punk bands, up to the first US punk bands even some at the present. I loved how it started then it moving towards how it influenced most of the musicians. I love the parts which has interviews coming from the greats of punk such as Johnny Rotten and Buzzcocks, Clash, then the montages of the yester years! I am surprised that some bands in this documentary started as punk band such as Blondie, Nirvana, Pennywise and I forgot the others.

I also loved how the US punk scene evolve from the years that no record company wants them, even independent labels until it skyrocketed what is today. I loved the interviews from the first US punk bands such as Ramones, Green Day, Offspring, MInor Threat/Fugazi, damn there is another one I forgot! hehe A lot of more actually, telling how it was hard to release a record but it did not stop them going. The early footages of their gigs were awesome, a lot of chaos, diving and raw punk music!

The documentary also shows how well punk music really part of lives of many, which shows through clothing, hairstyle and a lot of accessories and piercings. Which I kinda thought what if  I did those things? Nah, it doesn’t suits me.

It goes until it cracked into mainstream radio after years of hiding, run from the police and bootlegs, and now, it became one of the integral part of music especially pop music.

But the best part of this documentary was the explanation of how Punk these days became a commercial thing such as fashion statement, even bands that claim to be punk just because they look like one but they are not! Some discrimination from the parts of society because they thought this music makes one evil or worse murderers. I was laughing at that TV show clip showing this whatever.  Then there is a scene which shows group of friend who just meet on Sundays, staying at the house with their get up punk and having a great time! Despite well breaking some things in their house.

For me, punk is not only like showing how you dress or claims to be. It should be the avenue of showing agression or hatred in a fast and raw beat. You know what I mean, punk songs doesn’t reach 3 mins unlike other rock songs in general. After that, it’s done and have a good time whether the punk song is about bad or something good. In life, there are things which happens so bad, you were not even prepared for it. Punk for me makes you kinda listen to your sadness or want to get wild and after that, done. Move on. Except of course, if you’re wearing like a punk. That’s another story. Punk music is not always about hatred or sadness and stuff, it’s also having fun and do crazy things! hehe

Well, these days Punk Music indeed became pop due to some bands who I think and feel don’t really know what punk music is. I won’t say their names but definitely, you know or you can see them in this documentary. Geez, they even promote goth/emo sh*t. They just attract young girls!

Anyway, it’s not a perfect documentary because it kinda short at the end. I hope it’s longer to really discuss more of punk music these days but it kinda fast finish the last part. Although they show some but it’s sad that these days, large sponsors taking advantage of these live acts especially punk music scene. But this one never short of respecting the pioneers of punk, and great thing..

They still jumping and screaming!!! Rock on!!

“Do you feel lucky, punk?”

– Dirty Harry


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