Realizations Abound

Life keeps unravelling realizations as you move forward in life…

I realize that…

Sarcastic pala ako. Hehe

I inherited some traits of my Dad and my Mom. The very best and some bad.

I really think in advance while doing something. Nasanay na kasi dahil sa work ko.

I discovered a treasure not in monetary terms.. Satisfaction I should say through writing. I didn’t expect this. Hehe

I am indeed introvert more so as I get older. Maybe I found my circle of best friends I could trust. Pero I should kinda change. I should meet mentors naman. Hehe new and intersting friends.

Kahit etong work ko eh pinakamababa magbigay, akalain mo napakadami ko nabili at nagawa. Effective nga ang financial discpline. Kaso to grow? I need to find ways to earn more. Hehe

Movies for me is like music. I just cant live without it everyday. New kinda addictive thing lalo na pagnakakapanood ako ng films recommended or not. Hehe Films are the best medium to show human creativity through motions, visions and sounds all together in one display. Wow nasabi ko yun? Hehe

Binabaan ko naman standards ko. Preference na lang. Hahaha

My reclined interest in reading helping me lot not thru information but motivation.

Despite chaos within us, I still find Peace. Love. Faith. Hope.

Despite knowledgable in some things. I have short memory loss of sorts. I am quite forgetful now a days. Signs of being 30. =)

Mukhang pagtagal baka vegan na ko pero sana dukan diet lalo na pag may funds. Hehe

That soon, I can do great excercise. Lalo na tapos na yun ibang pinoproblema at pinapagawa. Hehe

Sports fan kahit di naman doing sports. Kahit bilyar di na magawa. Haha

Holy Spirit guided me to say yes of serving Him.

Jesus keeps healing me. Loving me. Saving me. Always.

God is the greatest provider of all. God is clever, he has the own way fulfilling needs in his right time.

How imbecile our government is. Sorry for that harsh word.

Joy Division is my number one band. Well tied with New Order. Hehe

Love really flows into unexpected people.

Blue is the warmest colour.

I should try writing a screenplay for a film.

Technology is essential for me by knowing them but not really buying them all. Hehe

That this new phone of mine is one of the best ive used and worth for keeps. Yes, for keeps. Haha

I love Japan more than anime and manga and Eiga Sai. AV. Haha

I’m getting behind in music these days.. Well what the hell worth listening these days? Hehe

My life won’t be complete without M&M’s. Music and Movies! Sorry I’m not into sweets very much. Hahaha

Life is ironic. Yet never cease to surprise you.

Life is short. It will be longer once it ends.

Life is love. Worth living for you and for many.

I should be going to our rockin party. Hahahaha =)


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