Crushes: Jennifer Lawrence

Well we have all and a normal thing to have a crush to somebody. Whether a fan or simply we are glued our eyes to that specific person. Definitely maybe its more than the looks, or simply that person captivates you through her work or personality. Admiration, inspiration, or anything that keeps you going for this person. Believing that she has more good traits than the bad ones. This one type of blog is all about that. Yes, all of them are women. Hehe Let’s get started!

When did I first saw her? Hmmmm just in the movie sites and blogs. Yeah winter’s bone! Although I haven’t watch it fully.. I saw glimpses of it and I must say despite she looks quite dirty an poor in that film, she’s a beauty. Xmen first class came to theaters, looking forward to two things. How the xmen prequel works and how JLaw looks in being mystique. Damn she’s hot!

Hunger games came and I must say she’s showing more than her beauty but physically capable of doing action and leading the film as well. I love her in that dark hair mode. =) she delivered a great performance!

Lastly, the reason why she is getting all the fame now was the performance of a lifetime in Silver Linings Playbook. She was able to show everything that she can do. Im still guessing that her character there has bipolar. She was funny, scary, seductive and most of all.. Very vulnerable to love. Plus she can dance a little. She done all that in one swing and gave her an Oscar!

Damn those blue piercing eyes that is very captivating. Despite not having that perfect body, well she has curves and its not really bad! She’s still hot. Hehe

At her very young age, she already done great as an actress and she’llshe’ll do more in the future as long she keep toes in doing indie flicks. I still love her in dark hair than in blonde mode.

Not perfect though. She’s quite brash in interviews. Like there was one interview that she was saying that fireman was more lucky than being an actress. I read that article and its just her way of thinking for this job which more difficult than other jobs. Others might perceive her arrogant in some way. But I hope she does good interviews and be careful next time.

About her figure, I think its a good thing she promotes natural figure than starving to death to look thin on screen. Well she just need to be consistent about that. Maybe the roles she’s getting are kinda up and down about her figure. She is voluptuous in xmen first class then in silver linings, she quite thin. Hunger games is just fine and fit for her. Winter’s bone well its a demand for her role to be like that. My point is, she just need to show an image that how she looks really. Everytime I remember her face..

Even that serious look of hers. She is still lovely especially now for american hustle, damn she is indeed a beauty from the 70’s!!

Indeed I have a crush on her. Sigh..

Many to come!


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