Be Empowered!

When I first heard that KCON this year is 4 days.. I thought, at first.. Paano yun? Mukhang maiipon ata ako ng VL. hehe Take note, forecast na agad kung may Sat Shift, at yes.. Tama, may Sat Shift. I prayed na Lord kahit LOA or VTO na ng Sat shift, basta makapunta. hehe Or maaprove lang yun Thursday and Friday ok na.

Well, due to some events eh biglang napaisip ko magpalit ng earlier sked then have fixed off for good reasons, one is to look at Algerro when I go home at para marami din magawa. Ok naman yun 6am to 3pm pero para matapos na agad, 2pm uwian na!

He made a way, ayun napprove naman ang request ko at no more worrying about the Sat and Sun classes and siyempre grand Feast. Unfortunately, VL na lang, pero he still provide na approve yun VL ko at wala naman hassle.

Got some good seats and all I need to do is wait for these days.
Kaso due to some commitment eh di ako nakapunta ng first day, pero mabuti na lang, my friend sa CG eh nakapagrecord!! hehe

Let’s go sa second day.

First talk was about We Chat, discussing about well how to not only talk sa members, but doing more than that. Mentoring, guiding the members and most of all, seeing their spiritual growth pag tagal. You might forget it in the future but malay mo, yun mga naguide mo eh di nakalimutan ang ginawa mo for them. I was touched with the sharing of Kitting Gelano that from her, to her former student tapos from that person to Bro. Velden. Of course, kakatuwa na sa huli nagkita sila and here sa class na yun. Pay it forward, a good one.
Last class ng Friday was about keeping the community’s fallout rate low or in business terms or organization terms, eh attrition. Sinong company/org na gustong mataas na attrition? hehe

With Bro. Arun and Bro. Jay discussed simple yet effective ways of keeping your community kung di lang malaki, of course, low fall out rate. It’s start with relationship then 3 ways to keep it working. Una na yun small groups, tapos fun activities then events siyempre. Medyo nakalimutan ko pero mabuti nasave ko sa voice recorder. hehe Ito naman inaapply sa lahat ng community it’s just the matter how they execute. Kasi mahirap magmaintain ng group especially kung choice pala ng member eh umalis, wala nang choice. Let go.
After that, plenary speaking with I’m surprised Holy Mass, healing mass. Wow, very blessed with Fr. Dave as the lead celebrator ng mass at I can say, that’s a priest. I mean akala ko marami na ko nakita at narinig na priest na magaling, iba to.. He’s very transparent yet holistic on how he explained yun Gospel and the word of God. Truly inspirational, I hope I can see him again sometime. =)
Tapos ng mass, another talk and very energetic  and long worship. For that day, I can say ah very focused sa church/community building ha. Kahit namiss ko yun unang day, terms they used are more general than it’s for sa min. hehe Which is good at maganda marami pumunta na galing ibang community. I hope they enjoyed and importantly, learned a lot from our community. They can bring that back to their own community, used it and make their community grow.

Saturday came and I thought, or let’s say I’m thinking of rest.

Kasi naman Thursday whole day of waiting sa doctor tapos late na nakauwi. Friday it was good, blessed yet pagkauwi, sa sobrang pagod, tulog agad.. Di man lang nagayos ng gamit, bad trip pa paguwi. hehe Mapagastos bigla.

Shining bright at SMX and medyo nalate pa ko, Lord napakahaba ng pila. hehe

Eh mabuti na lang may friends ako kasama, madali kumuha ng seats, kaso kakahiya,malapit sa camera! hehe I hate dancing, at si Bro Migs eh pasayaw ng pasayaw ng fireworks. hehe Anyway, after that, ah after a very cool introduction, started with a very, very, I don’t know what I can say.. Simply prophetic. Speaker was Adam Comiskey and thank God, he just spoke to my heart. Let’s say, in my current weakness, sometimes I gave up on how but still trying to get away from it and most of the time, most methods don’t work. He gave a great answer! =) I’ll do that, but still I was moved, inspired and it’s like when I’m remembering yun talk niya, parang sinisigawan niya na ko. hehe Now, I understand his mercy..

Dahil sa powerful talk na yun, I almost forget the next talk until the end. Pero siyempre ok naman yun plenary talk ni Bro. Bo, but still Adam’s talk still echoing in my ears. In my heart. In my soul.

Well, after that long plenary talk and worship..

The day was not over yet..

The very best has yet to come!!!!

End of Part 1.


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