Be Empowered!

Still shocked and blessed from that very first talk.. Eh wala na kainan ito, deretcho na sa first class for the Saturday Edition. Unfortunately, as much I thrilled sa health talk eh nadelay. The only delay I experienced in this year’s KCON. I chose this talk kasi I’m now into healthy living, starting ha. hehe But the diet is there, then excercise na lang, nadelay ulit kasi well for personal reasons.

Ah, Bro Bo discussed, hmmmm let’s say I heard that before, just recently in one series. Forgive me. hehe With some new information lalo na what to drink in breakfast ha, mahirap yun. hehe 28 Kalamansi juice? Really? Ubos oras.. Magawa nga sometime. hehe
After that simple talk, hmmmm the interesting topic arrived, Neuro Linguistic style whatever, but let me tell you, it helps. The fastest way to get sleep is here or if you have a bad habit or trauma, mukhang nakakatulong. Kaso due to the late start.. =( Well, talk got cut short. Mabuti na lang may book yun friend ko. hehe Makahiram nga!
Well, after that class, I was expecting a lot but I think I’ll just read the book at tuloy ang plan for diet and excercise. hehe
The second class well, pinili ko siya baka may other ways to enjoy or have motivation sa career.
Yun pala, I’m in a treat! hehe
Eto naman sis ko, eh puwesto agad sa second row, middle of the stage, kakahiya baka magtawag ng audience! hehe Grabe.. Sana nabili ko nga yun libro niya. =(
At ngayon ko lang naalala yun amazing race  na sumali sila ng daughter niya, paano kasi iba yun pinapanood ko dun, actually basta maganda yun pair that’s for sure. hahaha But anyway..
Jhet Van Ruyven should be one of our hidden treasures, I mean di lang international speaker or author but siya yun symbol na pagiging pinoy natin! I mean, mangugulay lang sa batangas becoming entrepeneur sa Canada tapos best selling author pa.. At di lang super serious like most of us in achieving dreams, siya pagkakalog ba at di mahiyain na ishare yun nangyari sa kanya, yun masayahin na tunay nagrepresent na pagiging successful pinoy abroad.
Despite some tech difficulties, and short time at simple yun topic, powerful si te. hehe Bad trip, nashort pera ko, di tuloy ako nakabili nung libro niya.
What shocked me most sa huli, noong pupunta siya sa edge ng stage kala ko thankful bow lang pero grabe, tumalon si Jhet with her heels at wala lang, rumampa! hahaha Ayun pumunta sa likod at picture at autograph din.
Well, I hope she’ll come back sometime here to inspire again. =)
Until now, I’m suprised, that the last speaker that should have been at that last class eh Rex Mendoza, President and CEO of Philam life, I want to know his experience or his journey. I kinda read his article, seems a good CEO, willing to share to others.
Nasan siya? I don’t know..
Pero yun kapalit, sulit!! Sobrang sulit! hahahaha
Surprise replacement, well, one of the 2 students of the great Zig Ziglar, which until now iniisip ko pa din kung sino yun isa. hehe His name is Krish Dhanam, and wow.. Fortunate to see a speaker that not only passionate but motivating talaga. Tamang tama, selling pa naman yun theme, pag sales man ka, after hearing this piece, motivate na bumenta ka. hehe Ako, naisip ko kala ko magaling na ko bumenta dati pero kulang pa.
Selling is not only just sell something but more into building relationship sa client or customer. And it’s a process. You never stop at one customer, lalo na pag ayaw, then go to the another one.
Krish not only discussed selling but some life points din na nakakatuwa and uplifting. Eto talaga, bad trip, bitin. At sana may ibang aspects siya nadiscuss, kahit anong aspect ata sa business pwede na idiscuss. Saka makikita mo talaga sa kanya, trained by Zig. Wow.. I hope, he’ll be back kahit di sa KCON, other conferences pa. hehe
Yun talaga, motivational speaking excellence. hehe Galing..
Saturday ended and I felt not only very blessed..
But very motivated. Naks.. hehe
From morning till dawn, can’t seem to forget what all those speakers said. =)
End of Part 2.

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