Is it a wonderful feeling that you’ll go to space and view earth from above. A breathtaking spectacle.. Gives you peace and some delight, no, great delight! However, you’re not there for sightseeing, but for damn work. Sad isn’t it? Well, that happened in this film. No spacewalking for long or even stare too much at space because time is simply running out…

What really captivate me really watching this film is the visual experience. That first long shot was really cool. Then you add some clever and casual dialogue, it’s simply amazing how that scene keeps you glued in.

Then the shots looking at earth was quite breathtaking. I mean, it’s a natural to really just stare at that one big blue earth that brings you certain calmness. It’s like when you’re in a high mountain and look below you, then look sideways, that’s heaven. Unless you have fear in heights.

Of course, as much this film is a visual and thriller fest, it has some downs. There were times that you feel bored because as much you know outer space is silent, there were moments that wonder will they really get out of there after all the ruckus? Or some moments kinda repeat itself, mostly at times were Dr. Ryan’s wondering and gasping for dear life. Lastly, plot is quite simple. No complications or even hard thinking, they even compare this at least to 2001 which I simply disagree. In the intellectual part of this film? It won’t even dent the intellectual shield or mystery of 2001 with this film. Nah, not a chance.

However, its still a great film. First was the direction of the film, as Cuaron done another marvelous job of combining a great visual work with such thrilling ride, especially that sequence at the first where the first debris came in. Actually those scenes with the debris falling down were great! Combine that with great actors. Well, they were 2. I did not count the dead guy because after some lines, unfortunately dead. After winning an Oscar, I kinda like Sandra Bullock. Not only with that great figure for this film but how she kept the show running with her emotions and will to survive. From start to finish, she is indeed the star of this film. But I hope, hmmmm other actresses got this role.. Except Lindsay Lohan. hehe

Ah George Clooney also done a great job, cool dude with that smitten attitude, the sad part and sorry for the spoilers, I hate when his character just died. But come to think for it, he will steal the spotlight from Sandra which nah, I felt his character needs to die. It just maybe died all of a sudden. I hope it happened at least before that earth dive. I don’t know it’s just his character died all of a sudden. Sound editing, keeps you in the edge of the seat especially those space walk sequences.. Ah don’t forget how realistic those space stations done here, very updated despite the plot is in the future. I love the spacesuit, cool boosters! hehe. Despite my rant above, it helped that the story or the film was short, because if it’s like 2 damn hours with no other great sidestory or effects, I might fall asleep after the first hour. No kidding.. With a lot of talking or screaming or dazing, this film is good for those having insonmia. Great job of keeping it short yet pulsating film.

Another bonus thing I loved, 10 bucks! Thanks to my team mate’s passes, it’s more than 10 bucks, or I can value this the regular price or even watch this in Imax. But 10 bucks, is 10 bucks. I’m short at the time watched this film and wow.. I love 10 bucks. hehe

It’s a sleeper hit, it exceeded my expectations after watching the first trailer and yeah one of the best of the year.

I wonder, what is it if I just float around the space? Just in a daze.. I won’t scream nor frown.. Just look..

At that beautiful earth, a massive blue sphere..

Full of life. Full of mystery.

Full of gravity.


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