I admit not really an alcoholic pero when somebody invites you, bakit ka tatanggi? hehe First drink only started at first year college at ang una pa eh not san mig light or kahit pilesen.. Colt 45 agad!! hahaha Pero after noon, parang college life was not complete without a sip of booze. 

Pinakamalakas in those college years, malamang 4th year, paano ba naman? Crush mo drinks more than you. hehe Malamang di pwede magpatalo tapos kaliwa’t kanan ang yayaan, after classes, san pa ba ang punta? hahahaha Geez, those days were unbelievable.

Lalong lumakas siyempre when you enter the corporate world and I think ang industry na malakas ang mga tao uminom eh BPO kasi after ng night shift or even a simple stressful shift, ang team building? Inuman. hehe

Ironically, dun naman ako napunta at as much iniiwasan ko, lintik.. Lalo ata ako lumakas. Hahaha Malakas din magkalat! haha Ah di ko pa nasasama ang dating CRAP meetings, geez, lalo na yung dalawa sa amin, manginginom. Kondisyon kung baga.

After magtawag ng uwak sa kanyang kanya bahay noong college..
It did not stop me.
After that bellevue scandal na even the hotel musician band stopped playing because of me..
It didn’t stop me.
After that xmas party which all the way from cavite drunk so hard, halos nakalimutan ko na paano ako nakauwi.
That did not stop me.
After that last day with my team sa teletech at nagmetrowalk, ended me up sa ER..
That I believe stopped me from drinking, even a sip of beer.

A year later, I’m quite relieved. hehe

Honestly, I should have drunk a lot after that incident. Lalo na may times na nayaya ako sa bar or cubao x which is really a great place to drink with great sounds.. I opted ice tea, pineapple orange juice and softdrinks.

I was surprised na yeah, I’m not choosing booze anymore. CRAP meetings became gastronomic than alcoholic for the past years.. Friends meet ups also became of more gossip, eating out than kampai.

Sounds weird or I felt weird pero I’m relieved.

No more worrying kung kaya pa ng ilan bote.
No more thinking kung kaya pa pagomorder pa ng isang bucket.
No more analyzing kung aabot pa ba  ko sa paguwi, at makikitulog na lang ako sa friend’s hose.
No more at last! Nagkakalat. hehe
No more hangovers or headaches or even endless piss after drinking a lot.
No more walking in a zig zag route even it’s a straight pavement.

No more after alcohol, that’s the important thing. No more craving for it lalo na if it’s simple company lang kailangan.

I’d rather just talk or enjoy frappe, or ice tea, or kahit tubig na lang at kung ano pwede makain.. I’ll opt for that.

I really enjoy this moment, maybe I’ll encounter more invites in the future malamang as we grow older or whatever circumstances bring you further..

But as much what I did until now..

I’ll choose no.. First things first.. Always the first option. Nah, not really my type.

House Water please?


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