For this month, October.. Nah, pass na sa octoberfest! hehe Sober whatever.

Looking forward to really enjoy this month and do something right. Sana makapagstart na ng excercise!!! hehe At sana makatsamba pa ang USTe!!! Mukhang kaya pa!!!!

For this month, I don’t know what to really look forward to.. Pero maraming may birthday this month lalo na ehem, end of the month. Tapos preparing a lot, planning, reading perhaps and rest. I hope less stress this month.

Pero sa bagong queue na tinatrabaho ko, mukhang malabo!!! hehe But I have no choice naman. Christmas is in the air and I’m not really looking forward to it. Maybe rest and enjoy what’s left for the year.

For this month, gotta watch a lot of films in my vault. Geez, they just don’t go down. hehe A lot to spoil, a lot to watch.

Just make it simpler this month, should I.. Perhaps maenjoy ko naman ang simple joys of life, solitude, quiet, in peace and everything that gives you joy is in reach.

Yun lang muna, I hope in the end, it will be simpler.

Yun original post ko nito, nabura ko! bad trip di eto yun isusulat ko dapat eh. hehe


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