Not Showing: The Intouchables

As I looked the list of films showing at that time, French Film Fest, I eagerly waited for this film due to great reviews and a touching premise. Alas, they did not have this, they did show Rust and Bone instead but no this which is I think more family friendly.

Story goes a quadraplegic aristocrat or let’s say dude can only move his head and nothing else. He can’t even feel his feet or hands. For his condition, he hired an assistant to do things for him, from eating to driving or even waking him up when he’s having panic attacks. Philippe does really need help. He got that help from Driss, an unemployed dude who lives in the projects and has real mean manners but kinda smart.

Two of them embark not only the professional working relationship but a true friendship that last forever. Cheesy? It is.. The only factor I did not like in the film is that part, sorry for the spoiler. But that part where Driss left Philippe momentarily because of some family problem, which I thought they will fall apart due to some fights or conflicts  during their working together. But it’s not, simple as that, Driss left and Philippe languished. I hope they had a better idea of like a conflict between them or something really bad happened but yeah.. I just kinda frown a bit why they split before the end.

Anyway, I love the cast of this film especially the two leads, Philippe and Driss. By the way, let’s see how Omar Sy acts bishop in the new Xmen flick. I might have quite high expecations after watching this film. hehe Francois is great for his role, it is difficult to just act using your head. I love his character that always calm and not really have self pity despite his difficult situation. Other casts  works as well, like the maid, and the hot secretary.. =)  I love the music used for this film, that says Driss’ taste for soul and funky music. But I love the music used in the end, perfectly for the end credits, quite classical but never boring. I love the screenplay of the film, the concept itself and coming from a true story, despite some changes, it really warms your heart. I love how Philippe defended his choice of Driss as a guardian, he just said that’s the person he needs, the one who not only take cares of him but understands him, fights for him due to trust. Despite Driss’ past, he did not care about it, important for him, Driss’ works for him. I love that opening sequence, very tricky and clever.

Despite I skipped parts, I still get the whole thing of the film, how you should really value a person, whether working with a disabled or not, or how you value yourself and with others. I love the antics or jokes used in the film, I laughed and had a great time. By the way, I did not why the title is The Intouchables. I thought at first it’s The untouchables but that’s copyrighted. =) Highly recommended!

Maybe that’s the name they want to be called as buddies or couple, I mean best friends..


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