End of 3rd Quarter

Hay, before the final quarter of this long damn year. hehe

July – Well, it was the time na kala ko tapos na ang lahat. hehe Pero thank God, natanggal ang one polyp that changed my diet until now. Great thing that it was found not serious or cancerous or whatever, important is.. I’m going to enjoy life until it’s over in a better way. =) Good job din sa work at ok naman, di naman masyado stress except siyempre bago yun operation.

August – This month started well, stress, disappointment and struggles and a lot of things that I did not want to be with.. For short, gulo. hehe Pero ano pa magagawa ko, ganun talaga.. Hay, one of the worst months of the year and despite working or striving hard, it did not work out. Geez..

September – Continuation ng August, pero mabuti may breathing days kahit maiksi. Bitin nga eh. hehe But anyway, important was nakaplano ako, walang nanggugulo at marami din narealize. I hope it’s not too late but great thing like what I’m feeling today.. Quite relieved.. Can’t wait for the last quarter of the year which puro action na ata. =) Kakatuwa nastay ko yun semi vegan diet in preparation for something healthy saka sabi na din ni doc. Next month will be a milestone for me! Wait for it. I also can’t believe it. hehe Wow..

Ah, what can I say for this year, as much for myself I can it’s better despite odds kaso there are some factors which dampens my improvement or others. Well, what can I say..

Move on, be better at least for the final quarter. Di pa tapos ang taon. Do something productive and worthwhile. Implementing bit by bit.

I hope it will be smooth sailing..

Blast to the last!!!

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